A new meme is better than the old two – a review of funny crypto posts for a week


  • Investors keep laughing at DeFi

  • Crypto community members are amused by panicked colleagues

  • Even in the fall of bitcoin, investors found a reason to laugh

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No matter how hard a five-day working day is, members of the crypto community always find a reason to smile. BeInCrypto’s editors have collected the funniest crypto posts of this week.

The digital asset market has started Monday from small stature. Against the background of the positive movement of cryptocurrencies, members of the crypto community began to buy video cards for mining. However, not all investors unanimously agreed that a positive movement awaits the coin..

The debate over the future of Bitcoin has spawned new memes. Some, to support the crypto community, suggested walking the streets in a T-shirt with an encouraging “keep calm and keep cryptocurrency” print:

Others, in the best traditions of the Internet, continued to joke about the “predictors” who are waiting for the “death” of bitcoin. The main face of such memes is the famous cryptocurrency critic, “golden beetle” Peter Schiff.

“Waiting for Bitcoin to reach zero”.

One of the netizens came up with a meme to illustrate what a decline in bitcoin looks like in the eyes of investors, even by $ 500.

Twitter the moment $ btc drops $ 500 pic.twitter.com/J0PbME1wyA

– The Crypto Dog (@TheCryptoDog) January 17, 2021

Tuesday began with news that bitcoin had overtaken tech companies in popularity. Against the backdrop of the success of the most capitalized cryptocurrency, members of the crypto community decided to laugh at those who still refuse to invest in it..

“Bitcoin is the most profitable asset of the last 12 years.

Interesting, but not for me and most ordinary Americans.

Okay. Happy to be poor “.

Also, it was not without jokes about companies that have not yet invested in bitcoin. Among other things, businessman Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, got under the distribution. One of the netizens created a meme in which Michael Sailor – CEO of Microstrategy (a large BTC investor) “orders” Elon to buy bitcoins.

Wednesday did not bring any changes. Bitcoin, like a few days earlier, continued its sideways movement. Despite the calmness that formed on the market, investors did not stop joking about current topics.

“My wife, furious that I bought more bitcoins.

I’m going to tell her that I bought even more BTC “.

Also, members of the crypto community could not pass by the update on a number of exchanges of the maximum value of the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum by capitalization. Investors’ hopes that the coin will continue to grow has become another reason for jokes. As a result, this meme was born:

Ethereum for $ 10 thousand.

I want to believe it “.

IN Thursday, against the backdrop of the fall realized by bitcoin, members of the crypto community discovered that large investors began to sell their coins. Meanwhile, against the backdrop of the inauguration of the new US President Joe Biden, netizens did not miss the opportunity to play a trick on the politician’s attitude to cryptocurrency..

Earlier, the American leader said that he does not have digital assets at his disposal. Many investors considered it unreasonable to abandon cryptocurrency as a means of hedging risks during periods of economic destabilization..

A new meme is better than the old two - a review of funny crypto posts for a week

Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

“Happy to be poor” – this is how members of the crypto community commented on Joe Biden’s refusal from cryptocurrency.

Have fun staying poor, Mr. President pic.twitter.com/uJYBa9pg36

– Zack Voell (@zackvoell) January 20, 2021

Another topic of jokes on Thursday was the decline in hype around decentralized finance (DeFi) Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a financial services built on blockchain technology that offer users access to an open, efficient and … More).

“You said that the future of the financial market is for DeFi.

Oh shit, Ricky, I was high then. “.

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The last working day of the week is Friday – also began with not the most rosy news – JPMorgan doubted the ability of bitcoin to hedge risks. Despite this, investors have not lost faith in cryptocurrency. This time, the topic of jokes was the increased attention to the regulation of the new financial instrument by the government..

“Anything that I like.

Government “.

Also, experienced members of the crypto community were amused how the fear of missing out on profits affects the decision-making on investing in cryptocurrency on the part of newcomers.

“Hell yes! I will buy bitcoins.

Buying cryptocurrency amid pressure from lost profits syndrome.

I Made a Huge Mistake… 💀 Crypto Trading Series Ep. 10

Damn manipulations “.

We will remind, earlier the editorial staff of BeInCrypto recalled the most significant events of 2020 with the help of memes.


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A new meme is better than the old two - a review of funny crypto posts for a week
A new meme is better than the old two - a review of funny crypto posts for a week
A new meme is better than the old two - a review of funny crypto posts for a week

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