A phishing site stole Bitcoin wallet addresses


  • Phishing sites steal bitcoins from victims

  • Fraudulent site replaced VTS addresses with fake ones

  • The user has lost all military-technical cooperation due to the actions of scammers

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The scammers created an exact copy of Privnote.com, which provides free encryption services for messages that are automatically destroyed after reading. By changing the name of the site by just one letter, the creators of Privnotes.com robbed unsuspecting users.

Wallet addresses were stolen from messages


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The scam was opened by the Privnote.com employees themselves, who contacted the KrebsOnSecurity agency. The company complained that someone had created a fake clone of the site and was deceiving regular users of the resource. The scammers not only copied the site’s design and functionality, but also launched ads on Google. When the query Privnote was entered into the search bar, users were automatically shown an advertisement, upon clicking on which users immediately went to the phishing site.

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According to the owners of Privnote.com, the phishing site Privnotes.com does not fully implement encryption and may read and / or modify messages sent by users..

“It’s very easy to check that a note is sent to Privnotes unencrypted in cleartext. Moreover, when opening a note, the decryption key is not applied, the key after the # sign in the URL can be replaced with arbitrary characters, and the note will still be opened, ”explained Privnote.com

But that is not all. The phishing site Privnotes.com used a kind of automated script that processed messages with bitcoin addresses and replaced any bitcoin addresses found with its own address. The script apparently changed messages only if the note was opened from a different internet address.

As an example, Privnote.com cites the following message written on Privnotes.com from a computer with an IP address registered in New York. The text of the message says: “Please send money to bc1qar0srrr7xfkvy5l643lydnw9re59gtzzwf5mdq. Thank “.

This is the message sent to the recipient. It can be seen that the first four characters of the address are the same, and the rest are replaced by the script. As a result, the bitcoins sent went straight to the scammers’ account..

Privnote.com employees also speculate that the phishing site could have stolen other personal data as well: passwords, access to bank accounts, etc..

A phishing site stole Bitcoin wallet addresses

Victims admit that bitcoins were stolen


Fraud with phishing sites and wallets is not new for a long time. Every year, hackers steal millions of dollars in BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the victims of criminals are not only exchanges, but also ordinary users. So, more recently, a message appeared on Twitter from the user @ericsavics, who said that all his savings in bitcoins were stolen through a phishing crypto wallet. The user himself admitted that he had been saving money for the purchase of an apartment for several years, but scammers stole all of his savings. On his Twitter page, he asked the criminals to return the stolen funds, otherwise his dream of becoming a homeowner would never come true..

The @ericsavics post was also reacted by Huobi and Binance, who asked the user to explain in detail how the bitcoins were stolen, so that such stories would become a lesson for the entire crypto community..

In addition, Twitter users began donating cryptocurrency to support the user in an unpleasant situation..

Earlier, BeInCrypto reported that hackers created several free QR code generators at once, which stole $ 45,000 worth of cryptocurrency. To crank the scheme, scammers created 9 phishing sites at once.

The cryptocurrency market has been and remains overflowing with scammers, so users need to be extremely careful not to fall for the bait of scammers.


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Phishing site stole bitcoin wallet addresses
A phishing site stole Bitcoin wallet addresses
Phishing site stole bitcoin wallet addresses

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