All this would be funny – a selection of bitcoin memes for a week


  • Investors found positive in the fall in the bitcoin rate

  • Crypto community members remembered Satoshi Nakamoto’s rap battle

  • Vitalik Buterin tried on a couple of female images

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Another work week was eventful. We tell you which news amused the participants of the crypto community, and which ones made them think. 

Monday, contrary to the expectations of many investors, Bitcoin began with another wave of decline. Technical analysis Investing in and trading cryptocurrencies is impossible without the use of technical and fundamental analysis. Despite the popularity of both of these instruments, intraday … More cryptocurrencies pointed to the prospects for further fall. 

Against the background of the negative movement of BTC, another piece of information about the creator of the coin – Satoshi Nakamoto appeared in the networkIn 2009, someone (one person or a group of developers), hiding under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, revolutionized the digital … More. Mining scheme researcher Sergio Dermain Lerner presented evidence to the crypto community that the mysterious Bitcoin developer is one person, and not a group of people, as some netizens believe.

Investors noted that the anonymity of the creator of BTC, at least, has one clear advantage – he saved himself from the appearance of comic videos with his face on the network. But the creator of the second most capitalized cryptocurrency – Ethereum – Vitalik Buterin, this fate has not passed

#Ethereum Shards: First look @ ToneVays @giacomozucco @MadBitcoins @CryptoFinally @LukeDashjr @ adam3us @brucefenton @VitalikButerin @IvanOnTech @aantonop @IOHK_Charles @CharlieShrem @

– Tiger Daddy (Internet Maximalist) (@DaveWolk) August 23, 2020

Many drew attention to the fact that female images go to the developer’s unusual appearance..

While some were discussing the fall of bitcoin, and others were trying to find out who Satoshi Nakamoto was, another scandal erupted on the network. This time it was provoked by the team of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Representatives of the organization, unexpectedly for the crypto community, remembered about cryptocurrencies and posted a video about a new financial instrument on their social networks. Crypto community members noted that the video is not true. 

Tuesday also did not bring good news to Bitcoin fans. Many investors drew attention to the fact that they were tired of waiting for “bulls” (positive movement is the opposite of “bearish” (period of price decline in the market)).

Pump it boys, send this crypto market to the moon # FuckyouBears


– Ikaro_Soares (@ ikaro_08) August 24, 2020

At the same time, for many, the day began with information that the team of the Bank for International Settlements paid attention to digital currency. Against the background of the growing interest of financial regulators in the new instrument, members of the crypto community discussed the difficulties that hinder its spread. Many noted that it is not easy for them to explain the principles of work and strategies for investing in cryptocurrencies..

“When I explain what a strategy of long-term storage of cryptocurrencies is to my friends (1 hour here, like 7 years on Earth)”.


– Denver Bitcoin (@denverbitcoin) August 24, 2020

Bitcoin veteran former CEO of the Bitcoin Foundation Bruce Fenton, in turn, posted a video in which he ridiculed the difficulty of creating private keys to store digital assets. In the video, the developer makes a comic preparation for work. To create private keys on your own, he says, you need a pair of handles and a small knife. He also asks to remove all electrical appliances, shave his beard and prepare a room with a special wall covering to maintain confidentiality..

Creating some private keys …

– Bruce Fenton (@brucefenton) August 24, 2020

Wednesday began for the members of the crypto community with another wave of the fall in the bitcoin rate. The coin dropped to $ 11,300 amid reaching a record level of mining difficulty. Many members of the crypto community drew attention to the fact that periods of fall in the BTC rate are a promising time for large investors (they are often called whales in the crypto community). By buying up cryptocurrency at a reduced price, they can secure themselves a profitable investment. 

At the same time, many newbies invest in bitcoin at times of peak asset value. Subsequently, under the pressure of panic, they sell the coins at a bargain price. This is actively used by whales.

The old buy high, sell low, panic strategy of retail investors #Bitcoin #Crypto #Memes

– Crypto Millionaire App (@ eagletwitt3r) August 25, 2020

Also, against the background of the fall in the bitcoin rate, the members of the crypto community reminded potential investors that the supply of coins on the market is periodically reduced with the help of halving. The demand remains the same.

The current level of Bitcoin penetration can be judged by the growing number of street musicians who are not against donations in cryptocurrency on the streets of large cities..

A sign that the human race is evolving #Bitcoin

– Elja𝕭oom (@Eljaboom) August 26, 2020

As investors speculate on the future of the market, CEO of the popular crypto exchange Binance Changpeng Zhao has found another reason to joke about one of the most popular critics of BTC, Peter Schiff. The latter considers gold to be the best asset and often opposes it to Bitcoin. Changpeng Chao drew the attention of critics to the fact that he can now invest in gold through stablecoins Stablecoins – literally translated from English “stable” coins – continue to gain popularity in the digital asset market. With … More PAX Gold.

“Peter Schiff has done a great job of popularizing Bitcoin [a reference to the popular opinion in the crypto community, according to which criticism of Bitcoin by Peter Schiff often leads to an increase in the value of the cryptocurrency]. Let us now help him. Asset [PAX Gold] is much easier to store than physical gold “, – wrote the CEO of Binance in his microblog.

On Thursday bitcoin continued to struggle to recover growth. Analysts from the investment company Fidelity also believe in the prospect of a positive movement in the cryptocurrency rate.

All this would be funny - a selection of bitcoin memes for a week

While investors are waiting for the growth of BTC, a well-known trader in the crypto community Peter Brandt, who managed to predict the 2018 Bitcoin correction, conducted a survey among the readers of his microblog. Its theme was the perspective of the coin..

“Could BTC ever become a globally recognized medium of exchange (currency) without the support of central banks?” – this was the question he asked his audience.

Most of the analyst’s microblogging readers gave a positive answer.. 

Can $ BTC ever become a globally recognized medium of exchange (currency unit) without buy in from Central Banks? Thoughts

– Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt) August 26, 2020

Meanwhile, Wall Street star Dave Portnoy, who has over 1.7 million followers on Twitter, posted another video meme on his microblog. In it, various participants in the digital asset market: BTC investors, crypto farmers, altcoin holders and others are fighting for a place in the sun.

I think I need to spend a quick million back in crypto based on this meme #Bitcoin

– Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente) August 26, 2020

Netizens, in turn, continued to sneer at skeptics who do not believe in the prospects of bitcoin and the theory that cryptocurrency will replace paper money in the future..

“Once upon a time respected people believed that machines will never replace horses” – caption to the picture. 

Friday members of the crypto community began with an active discussion of the Bitcoin growth forecast to $ 500-600 thousand, which the founders of the Gemini exchange, the Winklevoss brothers, shared with them. In their opinion, the positive movement of the cryptocurrency will support the quantitative easing policy that the American regulators have chosen. The latter involves printing additional volumes of US dollars to artificially flood the market.. 

The strategy is designed to improve the economic situation in the country. At the same time, the artificial growth of the volume of US dollars in the market may negatively affect the value and value of the national currency of America. Against the background of discussions about the future of bitcoin and the American dollar, members of the crypto community recalled a comic video staging of the rap battle of America’s first finance minister, the creator of the prototype of the centralized banking system, Alexander Hamilton, and the creator of BTC, Satoshi Nakamoto.

While some recalled the sensational battle, others turned their attention to investor Roger Vera, who is known in the crypto community as one of the main supporters of Bitcoin Cash. The reason for the jokes was a video in which a businessman gives an overly optimistic forecast of the movement of the coin rate. In response to the post, many netizens reminded Roger Ver of the dubious reputation of Bitcoin Cash. The investor’s forecast for cryptocurrency, according to the participants of the crypto community, looks unrealizable.

– Marty’s Owl – Floor Is Set! (@martys_owl) August 28, 2020

You can remember what the members of the crypto community laughed and cried about last week thanks to our material.


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All this would be funny - a selection of bitcoin memes for a week
All this would be funny - a selection of bitcoin memes for a week

The funniest crypto memes!

All this would be funny - a selection of bitcoin memes for a week
All this would be funny - a selection of bitcoin memes for a week

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