Almost 70% of UNI DeFi tokens settled on just 13 wallets


  • Almost 20% of the total supply of UNI tokens has already settled on six wallets

  • Who exactly owns almost 190 million UNI remains unknown

  • Earlier, the developers announced plans to allocate 20% for their needs and another 17% for long-term investors

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Over 719 million UNI tokens (70% of the total supply) are located on only thirteen cryptocurrency wallets, while 20% of the entire emission belongs to six whales

13 – DeFi’s Mainstream Wallet

The vast majority of Uniswap tokens are controlled by thirteen digital wallets, six of which are owned by private investors. According to the data on the distribution of tokens by wallets, over 719 million UNI tokens settled on only thirteen wallets, five of which are smart contracts, two are presumably owned by cryptocurrency exchanges and another six are controlled by unknown whales..

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On average, each of the six UNI token holders has over 30 million tokens on their wallet, which is a total of 20% of the total supply of the Uniswap decentralized protocol token (UNI).


Recall that after several months of waiting, the Uniswap project launched its own token. As the use of cryptocurrencies grows, new types of tokens appear. They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More under the ticker UNI, which aims to co-own a decentralized ecosystem.

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Decentralized concentration

According to the official announcement, about 60% of the total UNI supply is planned to be distributed among members of the Uniswap community over the next four years. Despite the fact that Uniswap has already distributed over 100 million UNI tokens within the community, the concentration of tokens in a narrow circle of anonymous wallets is still high.

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For example, the largest of the UNI-kits, according to the Etherescan service, holds 64 million UNI tokens, which at the time of this writing is almost $ 350 million (6.4% of the total supply). At the same time, the largest smart contract with only one incoming transaction stores 172 million UNI tokens (about $ 940 million).

Almost 70% of UNI DeFi tokens settled on just 13 wallets


The maximum UNI emission is 1 billion tokens. Thus, only eleven wallets (not counting two cryptocurrency exchange wallets) store more than 64% of tokens, where only six private wallets control up to 20% of the total supply..

As stated by the creators of Uniswap, in the future, over 20% of the total UNI offer will be allocated to the developers themselves. Also more than 17% will belong to long-term investors. Whether the already allocated 190 million UNI tokens belong to developers or investors remains unknown.


At the time of this writing, the price of the UNI / USDT token is $ 4.47 (-20.05%).

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Almost 70% of UNI DeFi tokens settled on just 13 wallets
Almost 70% of UNI DeFi tokens settled on just 13 wallets
Almost 70% of UNI DeFi tokens settled on just 13 wallets
Almost 70% of UNI DeFi tokens settled on just 13 wallets

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