Binance has become the flagship of cryptocurrency adoption in the CIS


  • Binance has made a huge contribution to the popularization of cryptocurrency in the CIS

  • The main task is to maintain leadership positions

  • Binance is a socially responsible business

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In July of this year, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, celebrates its 3rd anniversary. During this time, a lot has been done to popularize cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the CIS countries. More is planned for the next five years. Gleb Kostarev, director of Binance in Russia and the CIS, spoke about the development of the industry, achievements and social responsibility, as well as plans for the future in an exclusive interview for BeInCrypto..



– The crypto exchange celebrates its third anniversary this month. How did the story begin? How the exchange was created? 


G.K .: In 2017, Binance was founded by Changpeng Zhao, better known in the crypto community as CZ. CZ has a long history of software development for Wall Street futures trading. In 2005, CZ stepped down as head of the research and development team at Bloomberg Tradebook Futures and moved to Shanghai. There he founded the Fusion Systems company. After he discovered Bitcoin, he worked at as Chief Technology Officer and other projects..

Binance’s history as a company began with an ICO. Three years ago, Binance managed to raise $ 15 million in cryptocurrency. According to the recollections of CZ himself, at that time the team worked almost 22 hours a day, interrupting only for sleep. However, such challenging conditions allowed the team to unite and lay the foundations for the company’s future success..

In fact, we still believe that raising funds in cryptocurrency is one of the main advantages of crypto technology, and therefore we continue to support start-up projects within our Launchpad platform..


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– What is the exchange today: structure, divisions?


G.K .: Binance is now a global ecosystem that many compare to Google and Amazon. The Binance ecosystem includes marketplaces, information resources, training and research centers, a non-profit charitable foundation, incubation programs, and more.. 

The Binance Ecosystem Today:


– Tell us about the work of the exchange today


G.K .: At the moment, the daily trading volume is more than $ 5 billion, and the number of trading pairs has long exceeded 500 units..

Last September, we launched the Binance Futures platform, which has seen explosive growth. In less than six months, it became one of the largest futures platforms in the global market. Our proprietary Binance Chain blockchain and Binance DEX also continue to grow.

Overall, we strive to turn Binance into a single platform that will have all the necessary products for those interested in cryptocurrencies. Recently, we launched another product that is not directly related to trading – Binance Pool, a separate product for miners. Well-known miners in the country have already begun to join the pool, for example, Bitriver.

It is worth mentioning the launch of our built-in p2p platform. This is an analogue of LocalBitcoins, only now all the necessary functionality for such transactions is immediately available in the Binance interface.

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– I know that the exchange adheres to the principles of social responsibility. Tell us about charitable projects?


G.K .: Binance Charity Is The First Blockchain Charitable Platform To Increase The Transparency Of The Charitable Donation Process. 

The Binance Charity Foundation team is very versatile – it consists of professionals in the field of social development and investment, as well as a wealth of experience in technology and business.

Led by Helen Hai, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Goodwill Ambassador, the team creates practical and scalable solutions to various social problems.

An example of this is Crypto Against COVID. As part of this charity event, Binance Charity has become a platform for collecting cryptocurrency funds that are spent on purchasing medical supplies for the countries most affected by the virus.. 

After three months since the launch of the initiative, assistance has been provided in 24 countries around the world, and more than 1.5 million units of personal protective equipment have been transferred to medical institutions around the world. In particular, we managed to transfer over 20 thousand protective elements to hospitals in Ukraine.


– Tell us about your BNB token As the use of cryptocurrencies grows, new types of tokens are emerging. They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More. Where and how is it used?


Binance has become the flagship of cryptocurrency adoption in the CIS

G.K .: BNB supports transactions on the native platform, acts as a means of paying fees on the Binance exchange, allows users to make retail payments, can act as a leverage for crypto loans in the Nexo system, etc. Additional discounts on trading commissions apply to BNB holders on the platform. 


There are more than a hundred ways to use BNB today. BNB can be used to pay for purchases, flights, hotels, cloud services and much more. 


– What are the plans for the future of the exchange?


G.K .: Despite the fact that Binance is in the leading positions, they still need to be held. This means that you need to constantly evolve, follow new trends in the industry, improve the product and, of course, listen to the opinions of users.. 

If we talk about the Russian-language version of the site, I would like to polish the translation, and we also plan to strengthen our Russian-speaking technical support team. We pay great attention to fiat channels in Russia, so their number will definitely grow. 


– What are the three main secrets of success?? 


G.K .: There is no secret. The whole world is watching the development of Binance. We maintain a position of maximum transparency in relation to our users. And all of you are witnesses and participants of this success, the guarantee of which is hard work and a close-knit team. 

We at Binance are always user-centric. This is the principle that guides us in our daily work, and the core values ​​for the whole team are Hardcore, Freedom, Integrity and Collaboration..


– Which of all the achievements of the exchange do you consider the most outstanding?


G.K .: I believe that Binance’s contribution to the development of cryptocurrency availability in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries is really significant. A lot has been done in our region over the past two years. We have carried out a large number of fiat integrations, held the world’s largest Binance meetup in Moscow, and also began cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Science in Ukraine. 

– Thanks for the conversation!



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Binance has become the flagship of cryptocurrency adoption in the CIS
Binance has become the flagship of cryptocurrency adoption in the CIS
Binance has become the flagship of cryptocurrency adoption in the CIS
Binance has become the flagship of cryptocurrency adoption in the CIS

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