Bitcoin addresses with 1+ BTC on the balance have updated their historical maximum

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  • The number of bitcoin addresses on the balance of which there is at least one BTC has renewed a record maximum.

  • Increased volatility didn’t scare most bitcoin supporters.

  • Several other indicators also point to continued growth in the Bitcoin network despite the price collapse..

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The number of bitcoin addresses with at least one BTC on their balance has just renewed a record high. This confirms that the number of dedicated hodlers continues to grow even in the face of collapsing markets..

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The crypto community has received good news today. As it became known, even in the face of panic in the markets and high volatility, the number of those who believe in Bitcoin continues to increase. The number of members of the “whole bitcoin club” has reached almost 800 thousand addresses.

2020 turned out to be extremely unstable for the markets and Bitcoin (BTC) as well. The cryptocurrency celebrated the new year in the region of $ 7,200, then peaked at $ 10,400, and then, against the backdrop of the new coronavirus pandemic, led to a large-scale collapse of bitcoin in mid-March to a minimum of $ 3,850.

Since then, the price has rebounded to around $ 6,700. Many crypto market observers believe that governments and the world’s leading central banks have contributed to this recovery with their unprecedented measures to pump liquidity into the financial system. Experts believe that the economy is already developing immunity to such incentives, which should lead to a growing interest in unconventional alternative solutions, including bitcoin..

IMF injecting $ 1 trillion
US Federal Reserve injecting $ 2 trillion
European Central Bank injecting $ 821B
Peoples Bank of China injecting $ 245B
Bank of England injecting $ 379B

Remember, #Bitcoin bounced back on its own with ZERO help from central bankers intervening.

– Bloqport (@Bloqport) March 27, 2020

Indeed, it looks like the extreme volatility has not frightened off the bulk of Bitcoin investors. According to data provided by Glassnode (@glassnodealerts), an analytical resource in the blockchain segment, the number of wallets that hold more than one bitcoin has updated a record high.

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As of March 25, this figure was 797,073 wallets. At the same time, judging by the upward dynamics, many regarded the current situation as a favorable opportunity for buying military-technical cooperation at favorable levels.

#Bitcoin $ BTC Number of Addresses holding 1+ coins just reached an ATH of 797,123.000

Previous ATH of 797,073.000 was observed on 25 March 2020

View metric: https: //

– alerts glassnode (@glassnodealerts) March 27, 2020

Glassnode experts have identified another interesting characteristic. The number of bitcoin addresses storing over 10,000 coins also hit a 6-month high recently.

#Bitcoin $ BTC Number of Addresses holding 10k + coins just reached a 6-month high of 112.000

Bitcoin addresses with 1+ BTC on the balance have updated their historical maximum

Previous 6-month high of 111.000 was observed on 17 October 2019

View metric: https: //

– alerts glassnode (@glassnodealerts) March 26, 2020

Considering that at the moment 10,000 BTC are worth about $ 67 million, we can assume that we are talking about very wealthy bitcoin hodlers. Perhaps this is even an indirect indication of an increase in interest on the part of institutional investors, whose hopes have long been living in the crypto market..

Another piece of optimistic statistics on the number of new bitcoin addresses also indicates a steady growth in investor interest in this cryptocurrency and the ongoing expansion of the network. This year alone, their number increased to 46.8 million, and in general, the indicator demonstrates a steady quarterly growth since the beginning of 2014..


We found it interesting that starting from 2017 there were created around 11-12 million new addresses per year. What do you think, will 2020 break this pattern and be a year of greater adoption?

– ₿itPetro (@diamanterus) March 24, 2020

However, as the editorial staff of BeInCrypto has already warned, you should not fall into extreme euphoria about this, since the devil is often in the details..

And, nevertheless, such an increase in the number of wallets still gives reason to hope that the bitcoin network will indeed continue to grow – especially in anticipation of the upcoming halving, which can also set bitcoin a vector of long-term growth, throwing it to new historical highs..


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Bitcoin addresses with 1+ BTC on the balance have updated their historical maximum
Bitcoin addresses with 1+ BTC on the balance have updated their historical maximum
Bitcoin addresses with 1+ BTC on the balance have updated their historical maximum
Bitcoin addresses with 1+ BTC on the balance have updated their historical maximum

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