Bitcoin at $ 10,000 gave a reason for jokes – review of memes for the week


  • Crypto community members find humor in the fall in bitcoin prices

  • Low coin prices are the reason for memes

  • Investors are looking for support in humor

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Another work week did not bring long-awaited news about Bitcoin’s growth to digital asset investors. Despite this, the members of the crypto community did not lose heart and continued to look for humor in the current situation..

IN Monday cryptocurrency continued to trade near the level of $ 10 thousand. At the same time, technical analysis Investments in cryptocurrencies and trading them are impossible without the use of technical and fundamental analysis. Despite the popularity of both of these instruments, intraday … More BTC indicated the possibility of completion of the correction.

Members of the crypto community, meanwhile, continued to discuss the prospects for the movement of the coin rate. Samson Moe, Strategic Director of Blockstream, believes that cryptocurrency will not fall below $ 10 thousand. To visualize his point of view, he used the “you won’t pass” meme from the Lord of the Rings movie. 

You shall not pass 10k! #Bitcoin

– Samson Mow (@Excellion) September 6, 2020

Meanwhile, the stability of the BTC rate near the $ 10 thousand level forced the famous critic of Bitcoin, Peter Schiff, to admit the fallacy of his previous predictions. He believes that the coin has risen in price mainly due to advertising of a digital asset. Another statement of the “golden beetle” gave rise to new memes on the network.

“I was wrong about bitcoin” – the inscription on the picture.

Thank you @PeterSchiff for finally admitting it. I suggest you buy some Ads like these publicly declaring you were wrong since @maxkeiser told you to buy at 1 dollar and we call it even. Deal? #Bitcoin

– Bitcoin Meme Hub (@BitcoinMemeHub) September 7, 2020

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While investors were waiting for a new wave of coins, a comic video about bitcoin gained popularity on the network. It shows how investors who bought BTC opened their eyes to what is happening in the traditional financial market..

Have you swallowed the @orangepillpod

w / @maxkeiser @stacyherbert

– Max Keiser, Sex Symbol (@realmaxkeiser) September 7, 2020

Tuesday also did not bring good news. However, the low prices of cryptocurrencies did not throw the community down. Crypto industry participants continued to joke about the position of BTC and ridicule its critics. In particular, they once again remembered the “golden beetle” – Peter Schiff. 

This time, the reason for the jokes was a survey that he conducted on his microblog. Peter Schiff asked readers to choose between his investment advice and his own son’s strategy. The latter, he said, continues to buy bitcoins. Contrary to the expectations of the investor, the majority of microblog readers voted for the cryptocurrency. 

Co-founder of investment company Morgan Greek Anthony Pompliano did not miss the opportunity to play a trick on the critic of Bitcoin. He noted that behind posts about his son and his interest in digital assets, Peter Schiff may hide his own investment in coins.. 

Clear Bitcoin Manipulation – Crypto Meme Review

“Peter, you’re a smart guy. Using your son to hedge the risks of investing in gold is a great idea, ”he wrote under the post.

Peter, you’re a very smart guy. Using your son to hedge your gold bet is great idea. Gold goes up, you benefit. Bitcoin goes up, your son benefits.

Clever way to be long both assets without publicly capitulating on gold. Impressed!

– Pomp (@APompliano) September 7, 2020

Peter Schiff’s passion for gold also became the reason for the creation of memes in which members of the crypto community ridicule the slow, in comparison with Bitcoin, the rate of growth of prices for precious metals..

Recall that earlier Peter Schiff asked members of the crypto community to send his son BTC for his birthday. Many investors have responded to the request of the “golden bug”.

Also, against the backdrop of falling prices for the most capitalized cryptocurrencies, market participants fantasized what the purchase of coins looks like during such periods. One of the options visualized by XRP investors. 

Buying the dip #xrpthestandard #xrparmy #XRPUSD #XRPL #Ripple #xrp #fintech #blockchain #odl #cryptocurrencies #Binance #CryptoTwitter

– XRP 334 (@ xrp334) September 7, 2020

IN Wednesday members of the crypto community continued, gritting their teeth, to follow the movements of the bitcoin rate. Attempts to break away from the local minimum did not bring results, and the coin continued to stagnate near the $ 10,000 level. It is noteworthy that against the background of the sideways movement of the cryptocurrency, the level of its correlation with gold reached record values. 

Members of the crypto community, in order not to fall into depression during the absence of positive BTC movement, decided to recall the past merits of the coin and its prospects..

Many also noticed that despite the ups and downs, the number of Bitcoin users continues to grow. One of the netizens published a gif post that, in his opinion, illustrates the inevitability of entering the digital asset market..

“There are two ways to discover BTC. You can go down the rabbit hole and discover this world. Alternatively, you will have to get to know the new world after its black hole pulls you in, along with the rest of the world. The choice is yours. In any case, the moment of choice is approaching. “. 

There are two ways to discover #Bitcoin

You can either go down the rabbit hole and seek it for yourself or else be dragged into the black hole and find it like the rest of the world eventually will.

The choice is yours. Either way, it’s coming.

– PUBLORD.HODL (@guydbennett) September 9, 2020

Also, a meme has gained popularity on the network, which reflects the seriousness of the mood of the crypto community. Miners, investors, node operators and other market participants drew attention to the fact that it is better not to joke with them, as with important links of the cryptoindustry.

Thursday started for the digital asset market with a slight increase in bitcoin prices. However, it was not possible to update the local maximum, so the head of DCG, Barry Silbert, called trading BTC an activity not for the faint of heart..

On the penultimate day of the working week, many participants in the digital asset market found a reason for a joke in a post on investments published by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

“Don’t you understand the principles of investing? Then don’t invest, “- this is how the regulator’s specialists presented their point of view.. 

Bitcoin in 2020.. NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR! | Crypto Meme Review

Bitcoin at $ 10,000 gave a reason for jokes - review of memes for the week

Many market participants were quick to comment on the post. Some, paraphrasing the text, advised the regulator “not to tax assets if the Commission cannot ensure the transparency of the process”. Others, according to the recommendations of the SEC, decided to sell US dollars [hint that America’s national currency may also be an incomprehensible investment vehicle]. 

At the same time, the majority of netizens agreed that such advice is beyond the competence of the regulator, since “where people invest money is their choice”.

Ok, selling USD

– (@pierre_rochard) September 9, 2020

However, the current price of bitcoin, as it turned out, scares not all investors of digital assets. A post gained popularity on the net with the following statement:

“I called my school counselor and asked him why he advised me to go to college and not just buy bitcoins.”.

Just called my old high school counselor and asked him why he suggested I go to college and not just buy #Bitcoin instead.

– PUBLORD.HODL (@guydbennett) September 9, 2020

IN friday the bitcoin rate continued to fluctuate around the $ 10 thousand level. At the same time, the capitalization of the digital asset market realized a positive movement. In the meantime, members of the crypto community drew attention to the active growth of advertising, which featured BTC. For example, in Hong Kong, double-decker buses with sides decorated with the bitcoin symbol appeared..

HK #bitcoin

– Bitcoin Meme Hub (@BitcoinMemeHub) September 11, 2020

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Also, members of the crypto community noticed an advertisement for the most capitalized cryptocurrency near one of the Chinese offices of the largest financial conglomerate HSBC Holdings.

#Bitcoin advertising right in the heart of Hong Kong’s office district. And right in front of HSBC’s headquarters.

– Mira Christanto (@asiahodl) September 11, 2020

Investors ironically pointed out that the famous bitcoin critic, Peter Schiff, must be painful to watch..

Another reason for investors’ jokes was the fantasy not of the future statements of famous Bitcoin critics. In a popular tweet, negative quotes about cryptocurrency are presented in the form of museum pieces. So members of the crypto community hinted to critics how stupid their statements will look in the future, if Bitcoin reaches the expected heights..

I call this series

" Museum of Fools"

– Bitcoin Meme Hub (@BitcoinMemeHub) September 11, 2020

In parallel, a tweet gained popularity on the network with the opinion that bitcoin is a financial instrument that helps to avoid wars. Earlier, a similar point of view was presented by one of the founders of the Gemini exchange, Cameron Winklevoss. He believes that the adaptation of cryptocurrencies looks organic. In the case of fiat, according to Cameron, the process is associated with a manifestation of cruelty.

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Bitcoin at $ 10,000 gave a reason for jokes - review of memes for the week
Bitcoin at $ 10,000 gave a reason for jokes - review of memes for the week
Bitcoin at $ 10,000 gave a reason for jokes - review of memes for the week
Bitcoin at $ 10,000 gave a reason for jokes - review of memes for the week

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