Bitcoin broke through $ 23,000, where next?

Bitcoin CRITICAL ZONE!! 23,000 $BTC WHALE Move!! Satoshi REVEALED!? Bakkt Update 🚀


  • Bitcoin is expected to continue to grow

  • Investors urge to keep savings

  • Market participants believe that bitcoin has just begun its growth

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We talk about how the cryptocurrency community reacted to the Bitcoin rally to new historical highs, and what heights are now expected from the first digital coin

This week will be remembered by crypto community members as the period in which bitcoin (BTC) finally broke free from the shackles of sideways movement, and updated its historical maximum (ATH) several times a day.

BeInCrypto’s editors decided to find out how digital asset investors celebrated the long-awaited rise in the coin.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the popular Binance exchange, was one of the first to draw attention of the readers of his microblog to ATH bitcoin.

“I told you,” he wrote on his Twitter, recalling the previous positive forecasts for BTC. 

In his opinion, bitcoin will continue its positive movement. At the same time, a drawdown of the cryptocurrency cannot be avoided, which will become the reason for loud headlines.. 

“I’m looking forward to headlines like“ Bitcoin has collapsed from $ 100 thousand to $ 85 thousand, ”Changpeng Zhao wrote in his microblog, hinting at his vision of the growth prospects of cryptocurrency..

Waiting for the new headline: #Bitcoin "CRASHES" from $ 101,000 to $ 85,000.

Save the tweet.

– CZ Binance (@cz_binance) December 17, 2020

Some members of the crypto community were inspired by the growth of bitcoin so much that they literally could not keep silent about it. For example, the founder of the Bankless crypto project, David Hoffman, decided to share the news about ATH coins with visitors to the ski resort..

Guys I did my best

– DavidHoffman.eth (@TrustlessState) December 17, 2020

In parallel, memes appeared on the network, the authors of which found the increase in the level of greed in the digital asset market amusing. In the face of increasing demand for BTC, the number of available coins continues to fall, including prefer due to the so-called HODL’ers – investors who to invest in assets for a long time.

“Choose the HODL strategy! Don’t give them any satoshi [smallest bitcoin] “.

Bitcoin broke through $ 23,000, where next?

HODL! Give them not a single Sat

– Bitcoin Meme Hub (@BitcoinMemeHub) December 17, 2020

One of the founders of the Gemini exchange, Tyler Winklevoss, also noted the positive movement of bitcoin. In his opinion, cryptocurrency will continue to grow.

#Bitcoin has just breached 21k! To moon we go!

– Tyler Winklevoss (@tyler) December 16, 2020

CoinFund partner Seth Guinns, in turn, drew attention to the fact that such an increase in bitcoin opened up prospects for the cryptocurrency to move to new heights. In his opinion, it is possible that the trend will bring the coin to $ 1 million. Seth Guinns explained his bold forecast by the fact that bitcoin is becoming an asset of the institutional level. 

“$ 150K – $ 200K looks like the base case [for #Bitcoin] —I think we could pull forward the next cycle and go to $ 0.5M to $ 1M in the 2021-2022 timeframe” – @sethginns / TAmoYpq2zu

– Nawaz (@Coinsmash_) December 17, 2020

Market participants also drew attention to the risks of bitcoin going into correction after the realized growth. One of the reasons for the decline in the value of BTC, according to a number of investors, may be the upcoming settlement of options on the coin.

More details of the growth of bitcoin – in our material.


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Bitcoin broke through $ 23,000, where next?
Bitcoin broke through $ 23,000, where next?
Bitcoin broke through $ 23,000, where next?

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