Bitcoin Critic May Become New Treasury Secretary


  • US President-elect Biden May Make Bitcoin Critic Treasury Secretary.

  • Its alleged nominee Janet Yellen previously spoke negatively about Bitcoin.

  • However, crypto enthusiast Andrew Yang may become the new finance minister.

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President-elect Joe Biden may appoint Janet Yellen, former central bank governor and bitcoin skeptic, to the post of Treasury Secretary.

Biden breaks down gender barriers

Joe Biden, who won the US presidential election, is gradually forming a new team. According to a Reuters report, he is expected to nominate Janet Yellen as the new Treasury Secretary..

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If this information is confirmed, then the former head of the US Federal Reserve, personifying the Central Bank of the Obama era, will take over the economic policy of the new White House administration. An appointment like this would be unprecedented as it breaks the 231-year gender barrier. For the first time a woman will take the chair of the U.S..

“74-year-old Yellen has decades of experience in economic policy. It is equally respected by congressmen, of representatives financial authorities abroad, progressive politicians and representatives of the business community, “the newspaper writes..

Janet Yellen, Treasury Secretary & Ex-FED Chair on Money Laundering & Cryptocurrencies – Jan 19 2021

Will the barrier of prejudice be broken?

However, representatives of the crypto community are more interested in another aspect of Yellen’s personality – her attitude towards cryptocurrencies. This can be a sore point, since Yellen previously managed to prove herself as a critic of digital assets. Meanwhile, the finance minister is a confidant and advisor, to whom both the president and his cabinet of ministers listen when deciding economic issues..

Source: Crypto Lark

Yellen was nominated by President Obama to head the Fed and held that position from 2014 to 2018. At this time, the active formation of cryptocurrencies took place, when they became the focus of increased attention of the general public. The famous Bitcoin bull run (BTC) of 2017 fell on the same period..

Throughout this time, Yellen has remained a consistent critic of the crypto industry. She managed to make a lot of negative comments about bitcoin, calling it “an unstable source of value” and “highly speculative asset”.

Bitcoin Critic May Become New Treasury Secretary

Janet Yellen: "I am not a fan of Bitcoin. Let me tell you why".

Former Central-Banker-in-Chief proceeds to meticulous 5-minute rant against Bitcoin, robotically spewing scripted FUD talking points to Finance / Bank VIPs.

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BITCOIN: Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin URGENT Speech on Cryptocurrency

– Frλ͎ncis ( (@francispouliot_) October 30, 2018

Not everything is lost

However, after her departure from the post of head of the Fed in 2018, Yellen stopped making public comments on the topic of bitcoin and the crypto industry in general. Thus, it remains to be seen whether she has softened her position during this time..

In addition, this week in the Internet space, there was a separate speculation that Biden could nominate Andrew Yang for the post of US Secretary of Commerce, who was himself a Democratic presidential candidate himself..

Unlike Yellen, Ian is widely recognized as an open supporter and enthusiast of the crypto industry. Back in 2013, he followed the course of bitcoin, and as part of his election program, he stated that the blockchain technologies that underlie cryptocurrencies have great potential, and that their development cannot be stopped by any bans..


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Bitcoin Critic May Become New Treasury Secretary
Bitcoin Critic May Become New Treasury Secretary
Bitcoin Critic May Become New Treasury Secretary

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