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Cryptocurrency trader Kir Kelevra prefers to invest exclusively in Bitcoin. He himself is sure that this particular coin is capable of bringing profit to investors even in the most difficult and turbulent times. Why is it worth paying attention to BTC and how to make money trading bitcoin, Kir told in an exclusive interview for BeInCrypto.

– Cyrus, hello! Tell us a little about yourself and your experience in cryptocurrency trading.

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K.K .:  I got acquainted with cryptocurrencies back in 2013. From that time he began to actively engage in them. And since the end of 2013, he has already traded on world markets. But in 2014, well-known negative events took place in Ukraine and I had to leave. For some time I lived on the islands, and at this time I re-read all the literature that was only about cryptocurrencies, and chose this direction for myself as a springboard. Back in Ukraine, I created a cryptocurrency trading fund, where we accepted cryptocurrency at a certain percentage. But in 2016 we had to close the fund because we did not have the appropriate licenses. We were one of the first, and then in Ukraine no one issued such licenses. My partner and I closed the fund and returned all the money to the depositors. They were satisfied, as they received much more funds than they invested. Then Bitcoin grew well, so many clients made good profits..

And already in 2016 I began to engage in trading on my own.

– You started trading at a time when the cryptocurrency was actively growing. Now the situation is different. Bitcoin is falling rapidly, although it has won back some of its value. What do you think should be done in such a situation?

 K.K .: In 2017, the market set its own record – almost $ 20 thousand per bitcoin. Then, in 2018 and 2019, there was a downtrend when the price dropped to lows. I would not say that the market is falling strongly now. In the short term, yes, but not in the long term. Now I think the market will only grow.

 – How can traders make money on a falling market? Or just wait it out?

K.K .: There are very few traders who can make money in a falling market. Since I have always been a bull in trading, I realized that whenever I bought bitcoin, you can always make money on it. When the market falls, all one can do is, so to speak, to catapult out of the market: just do nothing and wait. You will still make money on Bitcoin, just do not rush to sell it.

– Western analysts say that by the summer the price of bitcoin will reach 10 thousand dollars. In your opinion, what will happen to bitcoin: it will rise or fall?

 K.K .: In my opinion, bitcoin will grow, and its value will even exceed $ 10,000. Let me explain why. Today is the beginning of a new financial crisis: the price of oil has fallen, stock markets have collapsed. The price of cryptocurrencies has also dropped. But there were other reasons for the fall of cryptocurrencies, it just coincided. Bitcoin To Rise As Halving Ahead The halving of Bitcoin is cutting the number of new coins miners create and earn by half. This happens about every four years and … More, and it makes sense to invest in bitcoin for the long term, for years. Halving will take place in May and Bitcoin will strengthen in value until May. Bitcoin is just that new asset that is not too dependent on the global crisis, and you can invest in it.

Bitcoin is not a commodity asset, it depends little on the price of oil, rather, it behaves like a stock, it depends more on the cryptocurrency community, on those people who believe in it, believe in the effectiveness of decentralized currencies.

– Will bitcoin become a defensive asset in this situation, to which investors, including institutional ones, will turn??

K.K. Definitely a defensive asset. For example, I keep my savings not in cash, not in dollars, but in bitcoins. I’m already used to the fact that Bitcoin can drop by 20 points in a day and then win back 30 points. I take such fluctuations calmly. But for those who have just got acquainted with Bitcoin, such fluctuations are too unnerving..

I can compare bitcoin to a car of the carbiolet class. That is, for those people who have a carbriolet, this is not the first car, and not the second, it is, as a rule, the third car. This is a car that is bought when there is money, and sold first when money is needed. Bitcoin has this property too. Will it take the place of a defensive asset – yes, its value will only grow.

– Cryptocurrencies are among the top 5 fraudulent schemes in the world. They took second place in the ranking of fraudulent schemes, displacing even online commerce. If an investor contacts a trader, then how to determine that a trader is not a fraud?

K.K .: There is a kind of split in trading: one path goes towards institutional investment, while the other goes into the gray market. It was similar with Forex. There is Forex with licenses, working in the legal field, and there is Forex – gray, with bookmakers, which supposedly provide access to a large market. Plus ICO happened to cryptocurrencies.

At first, I liked the very idea of ​​a cryptocurrency. And then crypto trading split up. On the one hand, institutional trading, when funds buy portfolios, bitcoins, top altcoins for themselves. And the second part of the market, which took an uncertified path, where exchanges still operate without any licenses. Traders, by and large, do not care where to trade, as long as there is a profit. I still remember the time when it was possible to publish an e-wallet address on the Internet and money was received there. My friends and I made a comic ICO, where we promised to spend the proceeds on beer, and we received 16 ethers. Our site still exists. We do not use it, but at that time it was kind of crazy: some untrained startups who did not justify their trust were collecting money for the ICO, and then many attributed the cryptocurrency market to a fraud.

How to understand: is this trader a fraud or not? I’ll tell you how I’ll tell you: no self-respecting trader, if he has not built a trading strategy, will attract funds from outside. Because today there are a large number of instruments when you can trade on a margin. Today, long-haul cryptocurrency funds will go down the drain. The market is changing so dynamically that our team and I have tried almost all means and came to the conclusion that practically nothing works. All that remains is to invest in pairs: bitcoin to dollar and ether to bitcoin and dollar. All other coins are too tied to their creators. Although the same ether is tied to the creators, but now it has many large holders – whales who are interested in this coin. Finding a sufficiently competent trader now is a great success.

– On the Internet, you come across ads of traders who promise exorbitant money for trading an unknown cryptocurrency. This is a lie?

K.K .: This is a real divorce. There is nothing to add here.

– In Kiev, a group of such traders was recently exposed who offered their services to investors from Australia and England by phone, lured money, balances were merged, they again turned to investors and so on ad infinitum. In the end, this gang got caught. What do you think about this?

K.K .: I think the market will always be like this. And the loss of money by the investor forms natural selection in the market. Because people who understand at least a little about finance, investments, would hardly have reacted to such a cold call and would have taken the money to no one knows who. But fraudulent schemes Cryptocurrencies are a new financial instrument that opens up their own prospects for each market participant. Some consider digital assets as a source … More have always existed – in Moscow, Kiev, and London. Unfortunately, the market cannot defend against them. And if you hear that a trader promises exorbitant interest, it means that a fraudulent scheme is working here..

Of course, in a short moment, a trader can show a good percentage, but in a long segment, a large percentage cannot be expected.

– As an experienced trader, what advice would you give to novice traders. Is it worth starting trading at all during the financial crisis?

K.K .: I would suggest registering on major exchanges first. Deposit $ 100 for each. See how they differ from each other. Do not trade for at least three days, but just watch, observe. This is a casino, roulette. I would advise you to invest in a long-term perspective, invest in bitcoin – a coin whose trend is always growing.

Now the market is flooding with a lot of money. They cost nothing, they are printed in tons. The purchasing power of the dollar will decline. The purchasing power of bitcoin, due to the fact that it cannot be printed, there is more confidence in it, and will only grow. By the way, Bitcoin has already grown by 40% from that low of $ 3800..

Second tip: do not store cryptocurrencies on exchanges in hot wallets. Only keep coins in a cold wallet. They brought money to the exchange, carried out several operations, and brought it back to a cold wallet.

And, most importantly, constantly learn to trade, watch the market and do not panic!

– Thanks for the conversation!



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