Cryptocurrency Prizm – an overview of the pyramid scheme with Dzhigurda and paramining


  • The project is aimed at Russians, Ukrainians and Israelis

  • Experts predict the demise of Prizm

  • Cryptocurrency rate continues to fall

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Crypto project Prizm with the cryptocurrency of the same name, which is popularly called “Prism”, is a typical financial pyramid. This conclusion was made by BITSIDE specialists during the study of the startup..

BeInCrypto editors decided to collect all information about the startup and its problems in one material.

Who is behind Prizm

Prizm – what is it, and what are the rules of the crypto project? These are the questions asked by the analysts of BITSIDE. In the course of the study, experts drew attention to the fact that attackers who were not caught on the hot never stop in their criminal activities. This, in their opinion, also applies to the infamous Prizm cryptocurrency..

It turned out that its creators have a direct connection with the unrecognized state in Eastern Europe – the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). Also, BITSIDE analysts noted that the organizers of the startup were seen in the creation of projects like “MMM”.

The main ideological inspirer and developer of the crypto coin is the former engineer of the Kursk NPP Alexei Muratov. He, together with his accomplices – Denis Pushilin (head of the DPR), and the former deputy of the Desnogorsk City Duma Andrey Kramar launched Prizm into circulation.

Alexey Muratov answers questions about what Prizm is:

All three developers had the experience of creating pyramid schemes. Previously, they worked closely with the financial pyramid “MMM” and were personally acquainted with its creator – Sergei Mavrodi.

In 2013, the Muratov-Pushilin-Kramar group created the Liberation Party financial pyramid and actively attracted participants, promising a fabulous percentage of deposits. In the same year, Denis Pushilin took part in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, but did not pass. Muratov, meanwhile, went to an Indian prison for financial crimes. Thanks to the patronage of some officials from the State Duma, he managed to leave the country without waiting for a court decision.

Prizm wallet Ranked top 5 in the world #paramining #Cryptocurrency #PRIZMCOIN

The next meeting of the trinity took place in 2014 in Donetsk (Ukraine), during a coup d’état. At that time Denis Pushilin was able to pull the “blanket of leadership” over himself. At first, he served as the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, and after the death of Alexander Zakharchenko, he took his place. Almost immediately, control over the development of a number of spheres in the DPR passed to friends of Pushilin, Kramar and Muratov..

In 2016, Muratov creates his own Change the World Together (CWT) movement. One of the activities of this organization was to defend economic interests and the introduction of blockchain technologies in the financial sector. During the same period, the market participants were presented with the Prizm cryptocurrency.

God and Dzhigurda to help!

To popularize his creation and make Prizm a “popular” cryptocurrency, a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, Father Vsevolod, also entered the criminal scheme. The priest consecrated the cryptocurrency right in the office of the organization. Moreover, all the same persons participated in the consecration process: Muratov-Pushilin-Kramar. The ceremony was carried out according to all the canons of the Christian faith: candles, icons, prayers.

Video footage of the action hit the network:

The believers called the ceremony sacrilege and condemned Vsevolod for carrying out such rituals. But the effect was achieved: cryptocurrency began to be actively sold on exchanges, and capitalization volumes increased before our eyes..

As experts admit, the former heads of the scandalous WEX exchange Dmitry Vasiliev, a former employee of MMM Yuri Mayorov and a number of other persons are also involved in the creation and promotion of the Prizm cryptocurrency. Among them was the Russian artist Nikita Dzhigurda. A video of his ritual, through which he tried to “shed light and love on Prizm,” hit the network:

Paramining instead of mining

Many cryptocurrencies appear due to mining – a process that involves the solution of complex mathematical problems by computers using special programs.

To mine coins, members of the crypto community need to spend a large amount of electricity. The founders of the startup went further and stated that it is possible to extract “Prism” without electricity.

Cryptocurrency Prizm - an overview of the pyramid scheme with Dzhigurda and paramining

As an answer to the question of how to mine cryptocurrency, they suggested that investors register a wallet (Prizm wallet) and start actively inviting users to the structure. For each new member of the pyramid who opened the Prizm wallet and bought several coins, the mentor receives payments.

The more invited participants, the more earnings. That is, the principle of the standard financial pyramid has been preserved..

What is Prizm in 5 minutes

The answer to the question of how to sell Prizm was not so simple. Few exchanges have agreed to list the dubious project. For example, as of early January 2021, Prism can be sold on Hotbit, BTC-Alpha, RuDEX and a number of other platforms.

When the bubble bursts?

As of early January 2021, Prizm’s capitalization is $ 14,706,680 (according to CoinMarketCap). At the same time, the daily trading volume slightly exceeds $ 827 thousand. In comparison with other cryptocurrencies, Prizm is characterized by low liquidity. 

Prizm cryptocurrency (chart). Data: CoinMarketCap

The main buyers of the coin are concentrated in Russia, Ukraine and Israel.

Experts are confident that the Prizm pyramid will soon collapse like a house of cards, leaving the holders with millions in debt. The founders of the criminal scheme are likely to emigrate abroad with a lump sum in their accounts, leaving their investors bankrupt..

Already today, the question of how much Prizm is worth is one of the most painful for investors. The chart above shows how the Prizm rate falls over an extended period of time.

In an attempt to raise the rating of the project, its organizers and investors, in whose interests to lure new users, are actively promoting the startup in social networks and on media platforms. Undesirable Prizm reviews are mercilessly erased. Despite this, the numerous exposures of the project that can be found on the network and discussions of the startup on third-party sites limit its distribution..

Prizm reviews

Sometimes you need to be able to read between the lines. It is not for nothing that the cryptocurrency was called a “prism”, which has the shape of a quadrangular pyramid. be careful!

Learn more about Prizm and other scam schemes from our material.


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Cryptocurrency Prizm - an overview of the pyramid scheme with Dzhigurda and paramining
Cryptocurrency Prizm - an overview of the pyramid scheme with Dzhigurda and paramining
Cryptocurrency Prizm - an overview of the pyramid scheme with Dzhigurda and paramining

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