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The growth of the bitcoin (BTC) rate, its rapid decline, the conflict of American regulators with the popular cryptocurrency exchange and a number of other equally significant news – this was what the crypto community saw during the working week. Instead of succumbing to panic, many investors chose to seek humor in the current situation.. 

Find out what made the crypto community laugh this week with our next collection of memes.

Monday began for the members of the crypto community with positive news – the bitcoin rate went up. Against the background of the upward movement of cryptocurrency on the network, a post with a child dressed in a “bitcoin-HODL’er’s suit (a person who prefers to buy coins for long-term retention)” gained popularity. Probably the author of the photo hopes that the BTC rate will grow after his child. 

Against the background of the active buying of bitcoins by the Grayscale Investments team and other market participants, as well as the growing shortage of the coin, the asset can really continue its positive movement.

Meanwhile, members of the crypto community, who consider BTC to be the only correct choice for investing, continued to joke about adherents of altcoins. In one of the popular posts, users presented alternative coins in the form of a burden that investors sometimes have to carry..

Be kind to people. you never know the burdens they carry around #Bitcoin

– ₿obby Orr (@ MarioLemieux99) September 26, 2020

Another topic for jokes was the uncertainty of the movement of the bitcoin rate. Crypto community members suggested that investors who have been on the market for several years may be worried. At the same time, newcomers, unlike their more experienced comrades, in their opinion, experience a truly wild horror of what is happening. Netizens visualized the reaction to the behavior of the digital asset market of different groups of investors as follows:

* Bitcoin owner who has been working with cryptocurrency since 2013, Bitcoin owner since 2017 and newbie in 2021.

Tuesday began for Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies – leaders in the capitalization rating – with a slight fall. While some members of the crypto community were discussing a new opportunity to mine Monero through a coffee maker, others continued to look for humor in the crypto space. For example, a netizen blogging under the nickname Root.hodl noticed a funny bug on the CoinMarketCap resource. When displaying asset prices in BTC in the platform settings, the system offers a chart that does not correspond to the data. As a result, on CoinMarketCap, as noted by Root.hodl, 1 bitcoin, contrary to logic, is not equal to 1 bitcoin.

according to @CoinMarketCap
1 bitcoin does not equal 1 bitcoin

Low Cap DEFI Altcoin To Watch in 2021 | Unistake Review

I’ll send you 1, you send me 2 back ok? #Bitcoin

– Root.hodl (@therationalroot) September 29, 2020

Also, investors once again drew attention to the uniqueness of BTC. In order to demonstrate the attempts of the developers of other projects to use the technical solutions of bitcoin for their own purposes, users launched a new meme. On it, the artist (developer), “copies” (copies) the original (BTC) in an attempt to pass it off as a so-called non-fungible token. As the use of cryptocurrencies grows, new types of tokens appear. They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More (NFT).

There were similar jokes about DeFi projects, the codes of which are often far from perfect. Popular trader Tony Weiss suggested that many of the developers’ problems are associated with poor coordination of actions and the lack of a clear task..

When #DeFi promoters & believers convince exchanges to list their favorite Shitcoins

– Tone Vays (#EndLockdowns) (@ToneVays) September 28, 2020

The differences in the quality of DeFi projects with traditional crypto startups, according to netizens, can be reflected in the chart of the asset’s market cycles, which is popular among traders. Unlike its traditional version, which implies the re-entry of the coin to growth, in the case of many DeFi tokens, there can be only one peak. This is followed by a phase of decline, which ultimately leads to a complete depreciation of the cryptocurrency..

Also on Tuesday, members of the crypto community did not bypass Ethereum. Recall that recently, cryptocurrency is often criticized. For example, cryptographer Adam Back, who is considered by many to be the creator of bitcoin – Satoshi NakamotoIn 2009, someone (one person or a group of developers), hiding under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakamoto), revolutionized the digital .. . More – sees signs of a Ponzi scheme in the project … To illustrate the supposedly insidious plans of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, netizens presented him as Pennywise, the main antagonist of Stephen King’s “It”.

IN Wednesday, against the background of the recognition of bitcoin as the most profitable asset of the year, the cryptocurrency went sideways. Crypto community members did not miss the opportunity to turn the success of a digital asset into a joke.

“When she realized that you had bitcoin.

Analyst Says $XRP Poised To Pop and Outperform #Bitcoin $AAVE NEXT STOP 1K to $40K BULLZILLA123

When she realized that you had 6.15 bitcoins in your account “.

Many drew attention to the fact that the cryptocurrency is moving in accordance with the forecasts of the popular analyst, the author of the S2F model for predicting the behavior of the BTC rate, PlanB. 

Also, the members of the crypto community did not miss the opportunity to laugh once again at the shortcomings of the current financial system. This time, the joke was the endless printing of US dollars in an attempt to keep the country’s economy afloat. According to netizens, the quantitative easing policy chosen by the American authorities only looks effective. In fact, uncontrolled printing of new dollars and subsequent hyperinflation can negatively affect the economic situation..

IN Thursday – the first day of October – members of the crypto community thought about the future of bitcoin. Many investors drew attention to the fact that the coin continues to attract the interest of institutions. Their investments in the market can provide support to the crypto community. In particular, investors believe that the MicroStrategy team’s interest in a digital asset could be an incentive for new investors to enter the market.. 

In one of the memes that have gained popularity on the network, the members of the crypto community presented the company itself as a mini-locomotive that pulls large corporations along with it. Twitter community and other interested parties, while, according to the authors of the meme, help the MicroStrategy team move forward.

IN friday several news items were at the center of attention. In the morning, members of the crypto community learned that the head of the popular digital asset exchange BitMEX faces a prison sentence. A video immediately gained popularity on the network, which, according to the authors, illustrates the hunting of regulators for representatives of the trading platform.

CFTC raiding the #bitmex offices

– tadleer (@tadleer) October 1, 2020

DeFi is found in the crypto worm - weekly review of memes

Not without jokes about BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes.

“Arthur Hayes yesterday, Arthur Hayes today”.

Also on Friday, information appeared on the network that the current US President Donald Trump was infected with the coronavirus. Members of the crypto community did not miss the opportunity to ironically note that bitcoin, unlike the head of state, cannot fall ill due to illness. Between the lines, you can see a hint of the negative impact of Donald Trump’s problems on the stock market..

Trump can get corona. # Bitcoin can’t get corona.

– Michaël van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) October 2, 2020

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Blockstream’s chief strategic officer Samson Moe, in turn, decided on Friday to visualize how central banks inevitably slide into the pit of inflation..

What a mean little birdy. #Bitcoin

– Samson Mow (@Excellion) October 2, 2020

Bitcoin, as many participants in the crypto community believe, is on the contrary preparing to “blossom”.

One of the main rivals of BTC, the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization, Ethereum, also got from pranksters. Members of the crypto community believe that the picture that the project’s marketers are trying to impose is seriously at odds with the harsh reality..

#1 Top SECRET of Yield Farming (People are Getting RICH!)

Ethereum marketing vs reality.

– ECC OPTIMISM (@nvk) October 1, 2020

Also, netizens haven’t forgotten about DeFiDecentralized finance (DeFi) is a financial services built on the basis of blockchain technology that offer users access to an open, efficient and … More.

“When I try to act as a liquidity provider (LP) for a DeFi project. 

I, too, am in the moments when I see losses “.

More memes and jokes – in our roundup of the funniest posts from the past week.


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DeFi is found in the crypto worm - weekly review of memes
DeFi is found in the crypto worm - weekly review of memes
DeFi is found in the crypto worm - weekly review of memes

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