Former baseball player dives into digital art and makes $ 120,000


  • Record deal to sell digital art piece on blockchain marketplace Async Art.

  • Former baseball player Mickey Johnson’s painting sold for $ 120,000 NFT.

  • Total sales on the Async Art platform exceeded $ 2.5 million.

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Former baseball player Mika Johnson sold his digital painting “sä-v (ə-) rən-tē” on the blockchain platform Async Art for $ 120,000.

Mika Johnson, a retired professional baseball player who played in the Major League for teams such as the Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves, decided to retrain as an artist – and succeeded. In a new field, he also managed to set new records..

Unsportsmanlike achievements

Johnson’s achievement in digital art was his digital painting sä-v (ə-) rən-tē (pronounced sovereignty). This digital art piece was sold on the blockchain marketplace Async Art for $ 120,000.

Highest bid currently at $ 120,000

Literally speechless

And there are still 6 hours remaining

– Micah Johnson (@ Micah_Johnson3) November 13, 2020

This amount broke the previous record set on the platform. Previously, the highest price for a fully digital art piece sold on Async Art was $ 100,000. It was Matt Kane’s “Right Place & Right Time “(Right place, right time).

For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that in October for a higher price ($ 130,000) at Christie’s auction, Ben Gentilli’s work “Block 21” was sold, but it was accompanied by a physical copy of the painting.

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Crypto + charity

The painting shows two African American boys and an astronaut separated by a closed door. The peculiarity of this work is that Johnson drew two real children from poor families, Jacques and Raiden, to help them fulfill their dreams..

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Every year, on the boys’ birthdays (November 6 and August 10), a QR code will appear in the picture, which can be scanned and donated in bitcoins (BTC) to children. It is assumed that the collected funds will be stored in a special cryptocurrency wallet until the boys come of age..

Until that time, the door in the picture will gradually open, and by the 18th anniversary of the children, it will have to completely open before them, and the QR code will disappear forever as a sign that their dreams have come true.

As Johnson himself commented, he saw and wanted to use the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFT) for a good cause, as well as show the world what bitcoin and blockchain technology are capable of..

Former baseball player dives into digital art and makes $ 120,000

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sä-v (ə-) rən-tē | Source: Async Art

A new paradigm of art?

The Async Art platform was launched 10 months ago, and since then, according to the marketplace itself, there have been “several” sales of digital art items worth three-digit amounts..

Of course, not all authors are as lucky as Johnson. Nevertheless, according to the platform, its turnover has already exceeded $ 2.5 million, over $ 600,000 of which came from sales of digital art..

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Former baseball player dives into digital art and makes $ 120,000
Former baseball player dives into digital art and makes $ 120,000
Former baseball player dives into digital art and makes $ 120,000
Former baseball player dives into digital art and makes $ 120,000