FORSAGE is a project that promises millions. We figure out what’s what


  • FORSAGE offers passive income to non-professional investors

  • The essence of the project is based on attracting referrals

  • FORSAGE promotes decentralization ideas

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You can find many projects on the network whose representatives promise to make money in cryptocurrency without investment and effort. Scammers often hide behind stories of instant income who want to play on a simple and understandable desire of investors to get rich. 

In most cases, in order to start making money on cryptocurrency, you really need both investment and effort. However, this does not mean that the start of an investor’s career in the digital asset market must necessarily be long, difficult and expensive. For example, investment startup FORSAGE invites beginners to quickly dive into the world of cryptocurrencies at no extra cost. BeInCrypto’s editors have studied the features of the project.

What’s the idea behind FORSAGE

FORSAGE is based on the idea of ​​forming a chain of referrals. Each user involved in the project opens up the opportunity for the founder of the line to increase income. The risks are minimal. You can recoup the initial investment by inviting only one new participant to the scheme.

Each of the users involved in the project can create his own line of followers, while all the following participants will bring profit to the founder of the chain.

All payments between program participants are regulated by smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain. The FORSAGE founders declare the following benefits:

  • Full automation. FORSAGE is a decentralized project. All operations on the platform are performed automatically through smart contracts. 
  • Burglary and leakage protection. Project data and money of its users are protected from hacking and leaks. The terms of the relationship between the parties are concluded in a contract on the blockchain, which cannot be falsified thanks to a decentralized storage system. In order to replace the information of a smart contract, an attacker will need to gain access to the computers of all participants in the FORSAGE project, and there are already about 500 thousand of them. Even if attackers find huge computing power to hack all users’ computers, it will take too long, and the costs will exceed the expected profit..

FORSAGE Statistics as of 6 July 2020

  • FORSAGE has no delays in payments. Immediately after the receipt of funds, the system transfers them to the account specified in the contract.
  • The relationship of the parties is open. Before concluding a contract, each of the project participants can familiarize themselves with its terms. There are no hidden fees and other unpleasant details in the system, which are often found in centralized investment schemes..

Also, smart contracts allow you to avoid mistakes made due to the human factor.

Weekly Webinar Replay 11-18-20

FORSAGE does not have a single storage center. The founders of the project do not have access to the accounts and accounts of the project participants, and the co-founders can create investment chains on an equal basis with other participants.

How FORSAGE works

Upon entering the project, the investor gets access to two investment programs at once: X3 and X4. Within FORSAGE, they are also referred to as sites. Admission cost – 0.05 ETH. For this amount, the investor opens two ways to develop the referral program. 

Available investment programs

Each of the sites can be opened in 12 different variations. The more there are, the higher the income. Each site has its own cost and level of profit per attracted follower. If the first X3 and X4 need to be purchased together (0.025 ETH + 0.025 ETH), then the subsequent ones can be bought separately. 

Scheme of 12 options for sites X3 (1-12) and X4 (1-12) with different payout levels

For example, for one attracted investor on X3 (1), you can get a profit of 0.025 ETH. The income from the new follower on X3 (9) will already be 6.4 ETH. Sites can be developed in parallel, but independently of each other. 

A referral link in the project is assigned to each of the users for the entire duration of their participation in the project. The connection fixed in the system cannot be changed or corrected.

X3 program

The site consists of one line with three seats. The first two are referrals. Inviting two followers to the project gives access to 100% of their initial investment. The third link is reinvest. By inviting another user, the organizer of the referral chain can open a new site X3, instead of a similar previous one. It turns out that reinvesting is a circular movement. It starts the pad cycle again.

X3 program

Referrals invited to FORSAGE can open their investment chains. The income from their partners will also increase the profit of the line founder (due to payments on the “reinvest” position).

Possible scenario for the development of the X3 program

X4 program

Unlike X3, X4 has two referral lines, each of which is divided into two more. The investment in the project of the first two invited partners goes to the superior project participant. The following four participants bring income (3 payments of 100% and one reinvestment, which opens a similar site).

X4 program

The invited partners, in turn, can also open their own investment line. As in X3, the branch organizer will receive reinvest payments. 

Possible scenario for the development of the X4 program

X3 is shorter than X4. It takes less time to fill it. X4, in turn, allows you to attract more partners, which increases your income. For comparison, payments to users who closed X3 and X4 on one site:

FORSAGE is a project that promises millions. We figure out what's what

Comparison of the level of income of sites

It turns out that by investing 0.05 ETH and gaining access to X3 and X4, the user can earn 0.175 ETH. With the cost of Ethereum at $ 238 per coin, the income from the two sites will be $ 41.

The profit level in FORSAGE depends on the activity of the participants. In the event that one partner has more sites open than his predecessor, he can overtake him in the system. Changes occur through the transfer of the active user to the upstream partner.

FORSAGE development plans

Further stages of the project’s development are presented in its roadmap. It spells out the goals that developers need to achieve by the second quarter of 2021. In particular, the roadmap reflects the expectations of an increase in the level of income of participants in the investment program. For example, in the second quarter of 2020, representatives of the initiative wanted to achieve community growth of up to 400 thousand people. At the time of this writing, FORSAGE has nearly half a million registered users. Among the global goals indicated in the roadmap are the following:

How and Why Forsage Is the Best Crowdfunding Platform to Generate Unstoppable Income!

  • Launch of a service for carrying out crypto-fiat transactions (Q3 2020).
  • Training Academy and FORSAGE Wallet Launch (Q3 2020).
  • Platform gamification and reality show launch (Q4 2020).
  • Expanding the community to 1 million people (Q1 2021).
  • Creation of new branches of the Academy in 23 languages ​​(Q2 2021).

Fragment of the FORSAGE roadmap

Also, FORSAGE developers expect at least 10 people to become dollar millionaires thanks to the platform by the second quarter of 2021.

FORSAGE openness check 

The developers of the project claim that it is completely decentralized and open to study. In order to check the operation of an investment scheme, it is enough to study the transactions associated with it. All data, including the addresses of senders and recipients, the amount of transfers and the time of payments in FORSAGE can be seen by following the link on the independent platform.

FORSAGE advantages and disadvantages

Since its appearance on the market, the project has become the object of active discussion among members of the crypto community and potential investors. During the dispute, the parties highlighted a number of FORSAGE’s advantages and disadvantages. Users refer to the following characteristics as the advantages of an investment project:

  • Low entry threshold.
  • The initial investment in FORSAGE can be fully recouped by attaching just one referral to the project.
  • The project is available for non-professional investors.
  • Low investment risks.
  • Full process automation.
  • No restrictions on the maximum level of income.
  • Protecting user funds through a decentralized approach to work.

FORSAGE also allows people who have not previously worked with cryptocurrencies to see the benefits of a new financial instrument and the principles of a decentralized approach to shaping the economy. The project works in an international format. There are many positive FORSAGE reviews online from contributors around the world.

Feedback on the project

Disadvantages of the FORSAGE investment project:

  • Newbies who have not previously worked with cryptocurrencies may have questions about purchasing digital assets. You can find out how to quickly buy coins for rubles from our material.
  • Complex technical scheme of the project. It can take time for a beginner to fully understand the payout structure and how FORSAGE works. However, the project representatives tried to simplify the learning process by visualizing the main stages.
  • The FORSAGE structure resembles a classic pyramid (Ponzi scheme). Guided by the experience of participating in similar projects and information about such startups from the media, users warn about the possible risks of exit scams. The scheme involves the accumulation of investors’ funds with their subsequent withdrawal and withdrawal into the shadows.
  • At the end of June 2020, FORSAGE received pyramid charges from the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The regulator asked the organizers of the startup to obtain a license to operate in the jurisdiction. The company refused to comply with the request.

    User comments about the FORSAGE project

The creators of the project themselves claim that it has nothing to do with the pyramids. The task of the creators of Ponzi schemes is to get as much money from investors as possible and hide with them. In the case of the fully decentralized FORSAGE project, they say this is not possible. The security of user funds is guaranteed by the open source code of the platform.

At the time of this writing, there is no online information on delays in payments to FORSAGE members. There are no other serious complaints about the company either..


There are projects in the digital asset market that allow you to make money on cryptocurrency with minimal investment. FORSAGE is an example of such an initiative. To other conclusions:

  • Unlike many other investment projects, FORSAGE is accessible to non-professional investors..
  • The project can be considered as a source of passive income with a minimum initial investment.
  • The project has the characteristics of a classic financial pyramid, despite the fact that the creators deny the existence of such a scheme.

Users are advised to carefully study the features of the project before deciding to participate in the proposed scheme..



All information contained on our website is published in good faith and objectivity, and for informational purposes only. The reader is solely responsible for any actions he takes based on the information received on our website..

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FORSAGE is a project that promises millions. We figure out what's what
FORSAGE is a project that promises millions. We figure out what's what
FORSAGE is a project that promises millions. We figure out what's what

Forsage & Milion.Money Turn Your Family Tree Into a Money Tree

FORSAGE is a project that promises millions. We figure out what's what