How libertarians live today and why they need cryptocurrency

What Is Libertarianism?


  • founder explains why he renounced US citizenship

  • The second and third passports are becoming the norm in the modern world

  • Cryptocurrency Gives Libertarian Financial Freedom

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To feel safe and have enough freedom to travel, you need to be financially independent and also have a Plan B in the form of a second passport. Why? Well-known crypto enthusiast Roger Ver told about this in his interview..

Being a citizen of several states and at the same time not being attached to any of them is the principle of libertarians, to which the founder of, Roger Ver, considers himself. Today, the lifestyle of a crypto enthusiast is adopted by thousands of his followers from all over the world, from the United States to Russia and Ukraine..

Multiple passports are the norm

Roger Ver is a Native American who renounced US citizenship in 2014 in favor of Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship and has never regretted it. As Ver himself explains, today the presence of two or more passports is no longer a rarity, but rather a necessity.

Watch Roger Vera’s in-depth video interview with Anatoly Letaev, immigration lawyer and founder of Migronis, in which he spoke about his thoughts on the future of cryptocurrencies, global freedom and a second passport..

Having lost his American citizenship, the crypto enthusiast got rid of the tax burden that falls like a stone on the shoulders of every American citizen. As Roger Ver explained, every year US residents have to donate huge sums to social insurance funds, which he himself calls “huge financial pyramids,” pay taxes and fees, submit declarations of the availability of funds in foreign accounts and pay endless duties, and at the same time constantly be “Under the hood” of the federal services.

As Ver himself recalls, in order to renounce US citizenship, he had to arrive at the embassy and where he personally signed the necessary papers. And here one of the employees of the federal service asked how he wanted to pay the fee: cash, non-cash or bitcoin.

And all would be nothing in this story, if it was not 2013, when the cryptocurrency market was just emerging. Few people knew about bitcoins, but the federal services were already aware of how much money is stored in his accounts and how many bitcoins are in the crypto wallet.

Today, Ver prefers to live in Saint Kitts, travel to Europe and Asia, occasionally visit his native America, and devote more time to popularizing cryptocurrency as the main means of payment, which gives unlimited financial freedom, as well as the possibility of active and passive earnings.

Libertarians in the CIS

Roger Vera’s example went viral. One by one, young entrepreneurs, inventors, programmers and just people who are tired of the system and prohibitions began to prepare “plan B”, receiving a second passport or collecting collections of three or more passports. Anatoly Letaev, the founder of Migronis, which helps clients from around the world to obtain passports or residence permits through investments, left Ukraine back in 2016.

After the revolutionary events of 2014-2016, he emigrated with his family to the United States. Lived in Miami for over three years, but then gave up on the American Dream for the same reason as Ver did in 2014.

How libertarians live today and why they need cryptocurrency

“My business was outside the country,” says Anatoly Letaev. – And taxes had to be paid to the American treasury – up to 40% of profit per year ”.

Today the traveler and businessman lives in Portugal and is ready to help anyone who wants to get a second, third or even sixth passport..

Libertarianism in 6 Minutes

“The cheapest passport is $ 100,000,” says Anatoly Letaev. – For this amount, you can become a citizen of Saint Lucia or Dominica. The passport of countries such as Grenada and Saint Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean and Vanuatu in Oceania will cost a little more. For 350 thousand euros, you can apply for a “golden visa” (residence permit) in Portugal through the purchase of real estate. Citizenship in Cyprus will cost a tidy sum – from 2 million euros and plus a donation of 200 thousand euros to the state ”.

Why does a libertarian need cryptocurrency

And now the main question: what does cryptocurrency have to do with it and why do fans need to travel and live in three to five different countries. The answer is simple: Bitcoin is a universal currency that you can use in any country by exchanging it for the fiat currency you need. This is the principle that Roger Ver adheres to. In an interview, he stated that “digital assets are the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to make payments”.

“The speed of operations is, in my opinion, a decisive factor for users. And the more people use cryptocurrency, the more countries regulate its status. This, in turn, affects the market capitalization of assets and the rise in share prices, ”said Ver.

Roger Ver sees one of the key steps in achieving financial freedom in the implementation of tools that allow people to actively participate in commercial activities and free trade. These are just cryptocurrencies, stocks and other investment instruments. Ver himself, who has already received the nickname “Bitcoin Jesus”, considers it his mission to popularize cryptocurrencies and financial freedom, to which he is going to devote the next few years of his life.


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How libertarians live today and why they need cryptocurrency
How libertarians live today and why they need cryptocurrency
How libertarians live today and why they need cryptocurrency
How libertarians live today and why they need cryptocurrency

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