“In 2021 the market will turn towards DeFi” – CEO Koshelek.ru


  • Crypto ATMs and Cryptocurrency Cards to Be Launched in Russia

  • The DeFi market will expand rapidly

  • The P2P platform has already been launched

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The outgoing 2020 has become a turning point for the cryptocurrency industry in Russia. Adoption of the Law on Digital Financial Assets, which has made its own adjustments to the operation of business, the rapid development of the DeFi market Decentralized finance (DeFi) is financial services built on the basis of blockchain technology that offer users access to an open, efficient and … More on against the backdrop of the banking system crisis, created new realities for investors, traders and cryptocurrency holders. BeInCrypto discussed how crypto business will develop in the country in 2021 and what innovations domestic projects will bring to the market with Mikhail Bogdanov, CEO of the Koshelek.ru ecosystem..

What trends in the cryptocurrency market would you highlight in 2021? What will be the cryptocurrency market in Russia in the coming year?

M.B.: I think that the cryptocurrency market will be turned towards DeFi, because the main idea of ​​the blockchain is supported here – decentralization. As for Russia, it is difficult to predict, the legislative framework is almost ready, but we need to wait for the first cases of interaction between business and government.

Most recently, your company announced the launch of crypto ATMs in 2021. Tell us more about it. How they will work, given that the State Duma has banned the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment?

M.B.: The principle will be the same as in exchangers or wallet services: the user creates an application, pays for it and receives cryptocurrency or fiat. At the same time, you can create an application for withdrawal to fiat from home or office, and pay and collect funds in a cryptomat at a convenient time, this will be another way to interact with the Wallet platform.
Depending on the amount of the transaction, you need to go through personal identification, for certain operations it is simply necessary.
The launch will be in 2021, we will definitely notify everyone about the locations.

The cryptocurrency rate can change several times a day. How crypto ATMs will react to course changes?

M.B.: We track the course automatically, the data will be transmitted to cryptomats. The rate will be fixed only at the time of the transaction so that the user can pay for the application, at these moments we take risks of the rate volatility.

Mikhail Bogdanov

Also the company plans to issue its own debit and credit cards with cryptocurrency support. What cryptocurrencies will the card support? How it will work in Russia, given the fact that crypto payments will be banned from 2021.

M.B.: All cryptocurrencies available on the platform will be supported. The bill, of course, will make its own adjustments, especially its frequent amendments and changes, which is why we are still in the process of solving some of the problems. Perhaps a good solution would be to work through a foreign counterparty, in any case, our product is designed for the CIS market, and we intend to provide our users with all the developed services.

According to the ban, yes, we are still looking for the best way, as an option, we can work through a foreign counterparty to get around most of the difficulties, but of course we would like to do everything within the framework of the Russian legal field. In any case, whatever the method, we will definitely give our users what we promised.

Tell us about your initiative with cryptocurrency escrow accounts. How it will work in practice?

M.B.: It will be a blockchain-based decentralized service. Some cryptocurrencies, like BTC, have an escrow address, in which, in order to make a transaction, several parties need to confirm who owns the address..

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Users will create conditions for translation based on the platform or using smart contracts. After each of the parties confirms the fulfillment of the specified conditions, the operation will be executed. That is, until the moment of their joint decision, none of them individually will be able to perform the operation. In the event of a dispute, we will arbitrate until a consensus is reached. The principle is similar to P2P, but the range of possible conditions and uses is much wider..

You previously stated that in 2021 you will launch a platform for IEO. What projects can be placed on it? How do you plan to monitor projects to prevent scams, because the ICO market collapsed mainly for this reason?.

M.B.: Will be able to accommodate projects that fit the selection criteria. More details will be available after the official release.

Your company has become a Free TON validator and launched a staking program for this cryptocurrency. Tell us more about the conditions?

Yes, now we have launched a simplified staking system, in the future we will also launch Free TON staking via dePool, then each user will be able to choose a convenient option for themselves.
The simplified system is convenient in that staking starts automatically as soon as you make a TON deposit, while we do not freeze users’ funds, they can be used at any time.

We pay rewards on a daily basis, taking into account every second of holding the currency – you do not need to wait long or constantly maintain a minimum deposit, as in a bank, everything is much simpler. In my opinion, we have made the most convenient and convenient implementation of staking.

The Wallet.ru project can be confidently called innovative, since you have created a whole eco-structure. How did you get the idea? What projects are included in it? What are its features?

M.B.: We are still in the process of implementing the roadmap: some of the services have already been launched, work with the rest is proceeding at a high pace – 6-7 large subprojects per quarter. By the end of 2021, our ecosystem will be fully implemented.

The idea is simple, to create a multifunctional service that will meet the requirements of all users within one platform. But the most important thing we are working on is the interaction of services with each other. We do not just a set of individual projects, but an ecosystem that is connected.

For example, by connecting the bot’s telegram, the user can receive notifications about the actions that he performed in the application or on the web, and staking charges can be seen immediately in the wallet, without switching to a separate staking service. There will be a lot of such integrations and interactions, of varying degrees of complexity, but we will talk about this later..

Thanks for the conversation!


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