Investor is not fed up with a meme – a review of funny crypto posts for a week


  • DeFi jokes are still trending

  • Fear of a fall in the bitcoin rate has become a topic for memes

  • There is a grain of joke in every news

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While the bitcoin (BTC) rate is growing, members of the crypto community continue to joke about the events they faced during the week. The BeInCrypto editorial team has collected the most ironic and funny crypto posts to find out what digital asset investors laughed at during the five-day working day.

IN Monday members of the crypto community continued to discuss the problems of BitMEX and other hot topics, including the preparation of the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization – Ethereum – for the transition to version 2.0. 

There was also a new object for ridicule. This time it was the founder of Global Macro Investor and Real Vision Group, Raul Paul. The reason for this was his careless tweet, in which he shares with the readers of the microblog his attitude to the behavior of the bitcoin rate.

“Until he dropped below $ 7 thousand, I see no reason to fear,” – wrote Raul Paul on his Twitter. 

Members of the crypto community immediately picked up the statement and made it a meme. The tweet became the reason for the jokes about the “terrible $ 7 thousand bitcoin”, which Raoul Paul is so afraid of.

Bitcoin is no place for weak hands.

– PUBLORD.HODL (@guydbennett) October 4, 2020

There are tons of posts online that investors were inspired by the founder of Global Macro Investor.

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Members of the crypto community, who were not amused by the fear of Raoul Paul, focused on the prospects for further movement of the rate for the first cryptocurrency. According to a number of investors, a new rise in BTC may look like this:

When #bitcoin hits a new ATH, the sky is the limit

– Bitcoin Meme Hub (@BitcoinMemeHub) October 4, 2020

The process of tracking the movement of cryptocurrency itself, as many users believe, is so exciting that it can replace watching movies. 

Also, investors did not miss the opportunity to use new technologies to create comic posts. This time, Anthony Pompliano, the co-founder of the Morgan Creek Digital cryptocurrency hedge fund, became the “victim” of humorists. His face was adorned with one of the clips of the pop group Spice Girls. 

Andreas these days reminds of the spice girls .. it was awesome at the time, but I don’t want to watch it again.

– Ruben ₿.HODL (@RubinhoISR) October 3, 2020

Tuesday began with the loud news that the British regulator had banned the sale of crypto derivatives to individual investors. Bitcoin, meanwhile, continued to rise. Another highlight of Tuesday was the arrest of a popular programmer in the crypto community, creator of the McAfee antivirus and, concurrently, former US presidential candidate John McAfee.

More than 1 million people have subscribed to his Twitter account, many of whom are investors and users interested in investing in digital assets. John McAfee actively used the concentration of the target audience of crypto startups among subscribers for his own purposes. For example, – to sell advertising to projects in your microblog.

Amid the arrest, members of the crypto community turned his business into a joke. So, one of the netizens ironically suggested that in the new prisoner status, it would be appropriate for a developer to advertise only prison-related crypto projects.

Just arrested and @officialmcafee already launched the next shitcoin called Prison Coin – a P2P payment network at correctional facilities

– Bitcoin Meme Hub (@BitcoinMemeHub) October 6, 2020

Meanwhile, the network participants continued to discuss the prospects for the development of the digital asset market and the advantages of a new financial instrument over traditional money. Against the backdrop of discussions on the network, a photograph of Reuters surfaced, which captured the Deutsche Bank tailor leaving the building of a financial institution. Investors’ attention was drawn to the inscription “bitcoins” on his bag, which looks especially ironic given the location of the young man. 

Not without another portion of DeFi jokesDecentralized finance (DeFi) is a blockchain-based financial services that offers users access to an open, efficient and … More. This time, the network participants decided to demonstrate how project representatives from the decentralized finance sector cleverly steal money from their investors..

Watch out for Defi Magicians

– RD ₿TC (@RD_btc) October 5, 2020

Wednesday began for the digital asset market with a slight drop in the bitcoin rate and news that one of the most popular crypto startups – Ripple – is considering moving from the USA to another country, more loyal to new technologies. 

Against the background of an active discussion of the regulatory pressure of the authorities on participants in the crypto space, a meme has gained popularity on the network, which reflects the desire of investors to get away from the problems of forming a legal basis for a new financial instrument.

How I handle $ crypto regulation

– Koroush AK (@KoroushAK) October 6, 2020

Also, netizens have not forgotten about the recent BitMEX scandal, one of the defendants of which was its head, Arthur Hayes. Investors ironically suggested that the developer would be able to escape punishment in the same way as one of the heroes of the Harry Potter books – Professor Albus Dumbledore. And if the latter was helped by magic, then Arthur Hayes, according to the authors of the meme, can use the power of bitcoin instead..

#FreeArthur #FreeBitMEX #FreeReed

– Bitcoin Magazine (@BitcoinMagazine) October 6, 2020

There were some jokes about DeFi. Against the background of the problems of a number of projects of the decentralized finance market, a meme has gained popularity on the network, which, according to many, perfectly illustrates the attempts of crypto farmers to keep up with the profits of DeFi projects.. 

Thursday began with a discussion of the problems of the decentralized finance market. Many members of the crypto community, against the background of an active decline in prices for tokens of projects in this area, suggested that the DeFi bubble began to burst. The fall in the value of cryptocurrency in the decentralized finance market has become another topic of jokes. Netizens ironically noted that the negative DeFi trend makes the direction very similar to the once popular ICO movement.. 

* Heading “explanatory team”. ICO – Initial Coin Offering. It is a way to attract investment through the sale of a startup’s cryptocurrency. ICOs gained particular popularity in 2017 – against the backdrop of an active growth in the value of bitcoin. Unfortunately for investors, most of the initial coin offerings have failed. Due to the lack of regulation in the digital asset market, many ICO organizers, having collected money, without a twinge of conscience, went to spend it. Investors of such projects, instead of profit, received only negative experience. 

Investor is not fed up with a meme - a review of funny crypto posts for a week

Of course, there were fair ICOs as well. But, due to the huge competition, only a small percentage of projects managed to succeed and justify the investments received at the first stages..

In 2020, the decentralized finance market is still not provided with the necessary regulatory framework. As a result, unscrupulous organizers of DeFi projects can do with investors’ assets the way they want..

* Image caption – ICO investors, DeFi investors. Are you crying in the corner of the room? Don’t mind if i join? 

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Samson Moe, director of strategic affairs at Blockstream, suggested another joke. He noted that the abandonment of fiat in favor of national digital assets could tie the hands of politicians. 

The Absolute Chaos of r/Wallstreetbets

“If the government eliminates cash, how will politicians eliminated manage their illegal operations under organized control? Something tells me that they have not fully thought through this issue, “he wrote in his microblog.

If governments eliminate cash, how will politicians do illegal things under the radar? I don’t think they really thought this through.

– Samson Mow (@Excellion) October 7, 2020

IN friday one of the most talked about news was the distribution of 10 million tokens of the digital yuan and the release of bitcoin in growth against the background of Square’s purchase of almost 5 thousand BTC. Recall that the founder of the company is the creator of Twitter Jack Dorsey. His interest in bitcoin and reluctance to support altcoins became the reason for the birth of a number of memes on the network.. 


– RD ₿TC (@RD_btc) October 8, 2020

Also, members of the crypto community used the rise in the bitcoin rate to troll its critics. So, the famous TV presenter, trader Max Kaiser drew the attention of the “golden beetle” Peter Schiff and his company’s clients to the earning opportunities they missed.

[email protected] TRIPLE DISASTER

1.Never bought #BTC when I begged him at $ 1 $ 10 $ 100 $ 1,000

2. Never recommended to his EuroPac clients, who have now underperformed tragically for 10 yrs

3. His shareholders getting screwed NOW with no #BTC on the balance sheet like $ sq @mstr

– Max Keiser (@maxkeiser) October 8, 2020

Another topic for jokes was the interest of large corporations in investing in bitcoin.

“You can’t just take and keep keeping cash on corporate balance sheets”.

More memes about cryptocurrencies – in our roundup of funny posts over the past week.


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Investor is not fed up with a meme - a review of funny crypto posts for a week
Investor is not fed up with a meme - a review of funny crypto posts for a week
Investor is not fed up with a meme - an overview of funny crypto posts for a week

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