Investors and traders share Bitcoin predictions


  • Crypto community members disagree

  • Not everyone is sure about the further growth of bitcoin

  • Many believe that the moment has come for BTC to exit the sideways

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For bitcoin (BTC) and other coins – leaders in the CoinMarketCap resource capitalization rating – Monday began with a positive movement. Against the background of the release of coins in growth, members of the crypto community discussed the prospects for the further behavior of their courses.


The popular analyst PlanB believes that the current positive movement of BTC can be perceived as the final countdown before the release of the coin in the phase of active growth..

# bitcoin $ 11k, final countdown
h / t @BitcoinMemeHub sound on!

– PlanB (@ 100trillionUSD) October 9, 2020

Analyst Lark Davis, in turn, drew attention to the outflow of bitcoins from exchange accounts. Changes, in his opinion, form an asset deficit in the market. At the same time, the expert noted that the demand remains at the same level.. 

“What happens when, during the growth in demand for a scarce asset, its supply in the market decreases?” – such a rhetorical question Lark Davis asked his audience, hinting at the prospects for BTC to grow.

The amount of #bitcoin on exchanges just keeps falling! What happens when a scarce asset see rising demand and falling supply?

– Lark Davis (@TheCryptoLark) October 11, 2020

A well-known trader in the crypto community, Crypto Michaël decided to conduct a survey, the topic of which was the expectations of the further movement of the rate of the most capitalized cryptocurrency. At the time of this writing, the majority of respondents voted for the $ 12K option.

What’s next? $ BTC

– Michaël van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) October 11, 2020

According to investors, the prospects for a further increase in the value of the cryptocurrency are also indicated by the continued price movement in the sideways. The latter, according to many members of the crypto community, could become a period of accumulation of strength for the coin to grow..

Almost 3 years in this range.

You’ve had a lot of time to accumulate.

I hope you are ready, because the price discovery is imminent. # Bitcoin

– Inmortal technique (@inmortalcrypto) October 11, 2020

An analyst who writes a blog under the nickname CryptOrca is sure that not everything is so rosy. He drew the attention of the readers of his microblog to the fact that the bitcoin rate often repeats its movements. At the moment, the cryptocurrency, in his opinion, runs the risk of pushing off the previously formed resistance level. If CryptOrca’s forecast turns out to be correct, bitcoin could go into a prolonged fall.

$ BTC #Bitcoin

Price has memory… dont delete your lines

– CryptOrca (@CryptOrca) October 11, 2020

Investors and traders share Bitcoin predictions

In the event of a decrease in the BTC rate, market participants will be able to earn on short positions. Capriole Investments analyst Charles Edwards that this approach of selling bitcoins believes can only be chosen by people who hate money..

Short Bitcoin now if you hate money

– Charles Edwards (@caprioleio) October 9, 2020

The well-known cryptographer in the crypto community, who is considered by many to be the creator of bitcoin, Adam Beck, agreed with the opinion of Charles Edwards. Expert considers abandoning long-term investments in BTC a risky decision.

#bitcoin is the unit a account already, for crypto traders. most portfolios are bitcoin denominated. it’s the only benchmark that matters, you want to know if your long / short / option / yield / alt trading strategy did better or worse, or you could have just held. not hodling is risk.

– Adam Back (@ adam3us) October 11, 2020

Against the background of the discussion of the prospects for the further movement of the BTC rate, investors also drew attention to the fact that Bitcoin remains the most profitable asset in 2020.

Year-to-Date Return: #Bitcoin: 58%
Nasdaq: 34%
Gold: 27%
S&P500: 7%
U.S. 10-Year: 0%
Real Estate (VNQ): -10%

– Jonathan Hamel (@jhamel) October 11, 2020

We will remind that earlier the editorial staff of BeInCrypto compiled an anti-rating of popular members of the crypto community, whose predictions for coins turned out to be as far as possible from reality..


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Investors and traders share Bitcoin predictions


Investors and traders share Bitcoin predictions
Investors and traders share Bitcoin predictions

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