Kraken will be the first US cryptocurrency bank


  • Wyoming allows Kraken to provide banking services

  • Kraken Financial will offer US residents a wide range of banking and investment services

  • This is the first attempt to combine the traditional financial industry and cryptocurrencies

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Kraken Crypto Exchange Receives Regulatory Authorization To Establish Fully Regulated Bank To Work With Digital Assets In Wyoming

In an official announcement published on September 16 on the company’s blog, it is said that the new financial institution, tentatively named Kraken Financial, will act as a specialized depository institution (SPDI). Thus, the company received a banking charter, and Wyoming confirmed its reputation as the center of cryptocurrency innovation in the United States..

Kraken Financial will offer a full range of traditional banking services, including custody, custodian and fiduciary. They will apply to both fiat money and cryptocurrency assets..

* BREAKING * @ Krakenfx just won approval to create America’s first crypto bank.

World, please meet Kraken Financial. Kraken Financial, world.

Wait, a what? Kraken is a BANK?! How did this even happen?!

Allow me to threadeth.

– Marco Santori (@msantoriESQ) September 16, 2020

Connecting two financial worlds

Kraken said in a post that the new bank will offer customers the ability to pay bills and receive salaries in cryptocurrency. Users of a cryptocurrency exchange in the United States will have access to investment services and tools in the United States, as well as the ability to quickly and painlessly convert digital currencies to fiat and vice versa.

The SPDI banking charter is similar to that of a trustee. It also focuses on providing clients with reliable custody services and entry into regulated securities and commodity markets..

The main difference is that Kraken will offer services in cryptocurrency, thus opening up opportunities for the merger of two parallel financial worlds..

We Official Now Baby !! @jespow and @krakenfx I’m cheering real hard for you all. This is big news! As a community we’ve gone from the fringe to seeing one of our OGs become the first digital asset company in U.S. history to receive a bank charter !!

– Sam Conner (@samconnerone) September 16, 2020

Unlike a custodian bank, where the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures customer deposits of no more than $ 250,000, Wyoming requires Kraken Financial to maintain reserves necessary to cover 100% of all deposits at all times..

This means that the bank is reliably protected even in the event of a massive withdrawal of deposits..

Kraken will be the first US cryptocurrency bank

Kraken Financial services

The new bank is ready to offer customers the opportunity to place deposits in cryptocurrency and fiat money through an online portal and mobile application. Initially, digital asset trust services, demand and deposit accounts (DDA), and bank transfers and financing will also be available..

This is a massive story! @Krakenfx is now officially a bank in Wyoming, with a state-charter that will allow it to move into other jurisdictions.

Kraken’s Jonathon Miller Talks The First Crypto Bank with Australia’s Ticker TV


Sorry for yelling.https: //

– The Wolf Of All Streets (@scottmelker) September 16, 2020

In the coming years, the company also plans to expand digital asset custody services, add staking, trust accounts and administration..

First Crypto Bank in America || Kraken

In addition, Kraken promises a full range of online banking and mobile banking services, a crypto debit card, corporate account management services, wealth management and treasury services, as well as potentially new asset classes such as securities..

For now, Kraken Financial will be open only to US residents, and services are available via the Internet and a mobile application. The company is physically located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, which will host important internal teams and divisions, including a 24/7 customer support center.


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Kraken will be the first US cryptocurrency bank
Kraken will be the first US cryptocurrency bank
Kraken will be the first US cryptocurrency bank

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