Norilsk Nickel tokens appear on Deutsche Börse listing


  • Tokens "Norilsk Nickel" already traded on the german stock exchange

  • In the near future, the company’s tokens will appear on the London Trade Exchange

  • Russia tokenizes oil, gold, palladium, diamonds and other raw materials

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The German stock exchange Deutsche Börse has added to the listing the digital tokens of the Norilsk Nickel palladium fund, backed by various metals. Tokens will also appear on the London Stock Exchange within a few days.

Norilsk Nickel tokenizes metals

The world’s largest producer of palladium and high-grade nickel, as well as one of the largest producers of platinum and copper, Norilsk Nickel, announced the listing of metal-backed digital tokens on the German stock exchange Deutsche Börse. The trading platform features tokens backed by palladium, platinum, gold and silver. In the next few days, Norilsk Nickel tokens will appear in the listing of the London Stock Exchange.

“The listed exchange products have the advantages of financial assets, and they are not subject to the restrictions on investments in metals on the London Metal Exchange. This tool opens up opportunities for investors to relatively inexpensively own commodity assets at low transaction costs, “explained Anton Berlin, Vice President – Head of Sales and Commerce at Norilsk Nickel.

In other words, tokenization The term tokenization has been around for quite some time. In the broadest sense, a “token” is a kind of unit designed to represent a certain value inside … More will allow the company to sell more raw materials on the world market, reducing the cost of making a deal. At the same time, buyers receive a complete list of information about the quality of the metal, methods of its extraction, as well as compliance with quality standards that are accepted throughout the world..

“Our way of digitizing commodities allows us to record and track the sources of origin of metals and methods of their production, together with data confirming compliance with ESG (environmental – ecology, social – social development, governance – corporate governance – author). Nornickel, whose products we represent, sets a new high standard in the field of responsible mining, fully supporting the UN2030 charter and LBMA metal sourcing standards. This gives our ETC (digital tokens backed by metal – author) a key distinction and leading position in the market, ”said Alexander Stoyanov, CEO of GPF.

It should be noted that Norilsk Nickel became the first holding company in the world to issue digital tokens backed by metal for investment and industrial use. As a reminder, Vladimir Potanin, President of PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel, announced the creation of digital tokens backed by metal back in 2019. With the help of tokenization, the company intended to sell about 20% of all raw materials produced..

In addition, the company stated that Norilsk Nickel tokens could be considered as an alternative currency, because it was planned that they could pay not only for the volumes of purchased metals, but also purchase tickets from Nordstar, as well as exchange them for ski passes at the Rosa ski resort. khutor “.

Norilsk Nickel tokens appear on Deutsche Börse listing

10% Dividend, Growing, Moat and Huge Safety – Norilsk Nickel

Tokenize everything: digital diamonds, gold and real estate

The tokenization of legal rights to certain assets could be a trend in 2021. Today, more and more companies are using digital technologies to increase the sales of their products or raw materials. Today in Russia not only metals are tokenized, but also oil. Rosgeologia and Huobi cryptocurrency exchange are developing a mechanism for tokenizing gold and diamonds.

“Russia has 3000 licenses for the extraction of minerals, including palladium and platinum. These are specific assets that have good market liquidity. We started a project with Huobi to create a stable token platform based on diamond and gold mining. This will help geological exploration in our country and will play a significant role for our economy, ”explained Gorkov.

On the OpenSea platform, you can already purchase tokenized diamonds today, which are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and then sent to the Gem Certification and Certification Laboratory (GCal), which verifies the GIA certificate and provides a guarantee.

Additionally, users can purchase tokens backed by gold. The trend for tokenization is also supported by Ukraine. After the adoption of the draft law “On virtual assets”, the Verkhovna Rada practically legalized the circulation of cryptocurrencies in the country, and also allowed the transfer of rights to property or part of it into digital form and sell on the market.

What you can buy today for cryptocurrency in Russia, read here.


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Norilsk Nickel tokens appear on Deutsche Börse listing

Nornickels digital tokens appear on the German stock exchange

Norilsk Nickel tokens appear on Deutsche Börse listing
Norilsk Nickel tokens appear on Deutsche Börse listing

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