Only memes are born quickly – a review of funny crypto posts in a week


  • The cryptocurrency market took investors on a roller coaster

  • Traders use correction as an opportunity to buy bitcoin at the lows

  • The crypto market remains an endless source of jokes and memes

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The active growth of the rate of many cryptocurrencies, with their subsequent dramatic fall into the fall, more than once forced investors to wake up in a cold sweat during the week. You can’t restore nerve cells, but you can always cheer up.

The BeInCrypto editorial team collected memes that amused the members of the crypto community during the five-day working day.

Monday began with the growth of most cryptocurrencies – leaders in the capitalization rating. In the meantime, institutions, according to the study, have begun to pay more attention to bitcoin. Participants of the crypto community, in turn, found a reason to smile in the growth of the value and popularity of the coin..

“Purchase of the first bitcoin in December 2017.

Your face when you kept it from that moment “.

* Explanatory team: in December 2017, the bitcoin rate reached an absolute maximum near the $ 20 thousand level. Many opponents of cryptocurrencies argued that BTC had no chance of returning to its previous height. The current growth proves they were wrong. Bitcoin is trading at $ 18,667 as of 01:38 PM UTC on Monday 23 November.

Also on Monday there were some jokes about the growth of the rate of other cryptocurrencies. For example, the holders of Ethereum, during the period of positive movement of ETH, network participants imagine as follows:

$ ETH $ 500

– ETH Memes (@EthereumMemes) November 20, 2020

Another topic for discussion on Monday was the NTF picture in which bitcoin was hidden. Analyst Lark Davis, in turn, did not miss the opportunity to remind that a similar story did not bypass the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization – Ethereum.

“This painting, inspired by Vitalik Buterin [* one of the Ethereum developers] was sold for $ 141,000,” he wrote in his microblog.

Crypto community members rushed to discuss the news. Those who did not like the picture were ironically called by investors “people without a sense of beauty”.

This Vitalik inspired #ethereum #nft sold for $ 141,000!

– Lark Davis (@TheCryptoLark) November 22, 2020

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In Tuesday the digital asset market maintained positive dynamics. For the first time since December 2017, the bitcoin rate broke through the level of $ 19 thousand. Investors drew attention to the fact that the growth of BTC finally made it possible for users who bought cryptocurrency during the period of reaching its previous highs to make a profit.

“The cryptocurrency he bought in 2017 finally made a profit.

I sold it and made a profit of 0.2% “.

According to members of the crypto community, the coin can continue its positive movement. Investors who are waiting for Bitcoin to descend to local lows in order to buy, according to netizens, look like this:

NEVER Sell!? A Bitcoin Perspective…

Waiting for the #Bitcoin dip to reopen a margin long.

– WhalePanda (@WhalePanda) November 23, 2020

At the same time, experienced members of the crypto community noted that BTC is still capable of surprising. As an illustration of this point of view, the admins of the bitcoin page on Twitter posted a screenshot from 2011, the author of which complains about his decision to sell 1,700 BTC for $ 0.30. As of 13:31 (Moscow time) on November 24, 2020, a similar amount of cryptocurrency is already worth more than $ 31 million. It is likely that in the future, investors selling coins today will be able to experience similar feelings.

#Bitcoin seems to have the ability to surprise everyone.

– Bitcoin (@Bitcoin) November 23, 2020

Netizens illustrated the prospects for the further movement of the bitcoin rate with the help of a video with the golfing founder of Morgan Creek Anthony Pompliano..

fixed it.

– Jordy Long (@Jordy__Long) November 24, 2020

IN Wednesday the attention of netizens turned out to be focused on the approach of the bitcoin rate to historical highs. Against the background of the positive movement of cryptocurrency, one of the members of the crypto community recorded a comic video – a parody of the sensational meme dance.

* Explanatory team. In early October, against the backdrop of investments by MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor in Bitcoin, the dancer blogging under the nickname brifitdance published a dance with a recitative on the network dedicated to the investor and other popular members of the crypto community.

Later, her post became a meme, and they began to make parodies of it. A prerequisite for participants in the meme challenge is to dance and talk about investors and companies that contribute to the growth of the bitcoin rate.

Woke up feeling it today inspired by that girl who makes videos. #BTC ATH #BullBullBull

– $ MattySats (@mattysats) November 24, 2020

Meanwhile, the “golden beetle”, one of the most famous opponents of BTC, Peter Schiff, has once again published a post in support of the precious metal. In his opinion, BTC is only of interest to speculators and representatives of fund asset managers..

Large investors and institutions are still not worried about inflation, as evidenced by low bond yields. When they finally start to worry, they will buy #gold, not #Bitcoin. The main buyers of Bitcoin are small speculators and a few fund managers who are taking advantage of them.

– Peter Schiff (@PeterSchiff) November 24, 2020

The next attacks by Peter Schiff on bitcoin were turned into a joke by members of the crypto community. In particular, investors suggested that people of his generation, who, contrary to the opinion of the “golden bug”, buy BTC, look like this:

Boomers who did not listen to @PeterSchiff and invested in #bitcoin instead be like ..

– Bitcoin Meme Hub (@BitcoinMemeHub) November 25, 2020

IN Thursday Bitcoin, followed by other cryptocurrencies from the top ten leaders in capitalization, went down. Amid falling prices in the digital asset market, investors did not miss the opportunity to play a trick on the reasons for the movement of the coin rate.

Only memes are born quickly - an overview of funny crypto posts in a week

– Alex Krüger (@krugermacro) November 26, 2020

Also, the fall in the value of bitcoin was the reason for the birth of a mass of new memes on the network about investors who like to buy at the bottom..

It’s Too Late to Buy Bitcoin!? Crypto Meme Review 2021

“You came back to save humanity from machines?

Not. I’m here to buy cheap bitcoins. “.

At the same time, investors did not miss the chance to once again remind of the superiority of digital assets over US dollars..

IN friday, on which the international day of sales fell, market participants focused on discounts and opportunities to profitably spend cryptocurrency. Some users also took advantage of the fall in bitcoin prices to buy at the bottom..

“Cheap bitcoins.

I “.

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At the same time, the active purchase of cryptocurrency during periods of falling prices on the part of many investors also became a reason for the birth of new memes on the network..

“Bitcoin at any price, below $ 20 thousand.


My savings “.

Meanwhile, another viral meme was born on the network, the main character of which was the investor who sold the cryptocurrency at the bottom.

I sold the dip again last night #bitcoin

– lil bubble (@TheCryptoBubble) November 26, 2020

Are you tired of laughing? More memes – in our material.


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Only memes are born quickly - an overview of funny crypto posts in a week
Only memes are born quickly - an overview of funny crypto posts in a week
Only memes are born quickly - an overview of funny crypto posts in a week
Only memes are born quickly - a review of funny crypto posts in a week

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