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  • Bitcoiners have found their savior for all occasions

  • Bitcoin and US elections remain a hot topic on the crypto market

  • It was not without jokes on fans of traditional assets

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IN Monday bitcoin broke the key resistance level. This news made many members of the crypto community happy. Against the background of the positive movement of the digital asset rate, investors did not miss the opportunity to draw public attention to the special status of bitcoin.

“What if I told you that there is only one digital asset with real value on the cryptocurrency market,” – such a meme, the author of which hinted at the uniqueness of BTC, gained popularity on the network.

Another topic of jokes was the special attitude of HODL’ers (users who invest in cryptocurrency for the purpose of its long-term storage) to their coins.

“I have a million satoshi (the unit is one hundred millionth bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC)).

Wow. Do you want to buy us drinks?

No I do not want. I will sell them in 100 years “.

Also, a meme has gained popularity on the network, which, according to the authors, illustrates the emotions of a person who found his previously lost bitcoins..

Actual photo of you when you found #Bitcoin

– Bitcoin Magazine (@BitcoinMagazine) October 11, 2020

Among other things, Monday was not without jokes about the decentralized finance market. Famous TV presenter, trader Max Kaiser decided to use a video to demonstrate what, in his opinion, an attempt to explain to a newcomer what DeFi is like Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is financial services built on the basis of blockchain technology that offer users access to an open, efficient and … More.

DeFi explained for noobs

– Max Keiser (@maxkeiser) October 11, 2020

The loudest meme of the beginning of the week, unexpectedly for many, was the rap video of the dancer, blogging under the nickname brifitdance. In the video, the girl praises the CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor. The reason for the release of the complementary video, according to the text from the video, was the decision of the head of the organization to invest in bitcoin.

Many members of the crypto community were surprised by such an unusual, in their opinion, way of expressing thoughts.

“When the girl entered my room, I switched the screen to the adult video tab because it’s easier to explain to her.”.

Girlfriend walks in, I switched the screen to porn because it was easier to explain

– §Ats₿allin (@BitBallin) October 11, 2020

In Tuesday bitcoin continued to fight for growth. Against the background of the positive movement realized by the cryptocurrency, the members of the crypto community did not miss the opportunity to ridicule the decisions of investors to sell the coin.

– PUBLORD.HODL (@guydbennett) October 12, 2020

Also on Tuesday, a discussion broke out on the network about who will be the leader of the United States. Recall that the presidential elections in America are scheduled for early November. Many members of the crypto community agreed that, regardless of the results of the will of citizens, the levers of pressure will still remain with the representatives of the American Federal Reserve.

“Who will win the elections?

The Definitive Case For Bitcoin with Dan Held, Growth Lead at Kraken

Federal Reserve “.

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IN Wednesday bitcoin went sideways. During the period of inactivity of the course of the most capitalized digital asset, the members of the crypto community decided to discuss the prospects for its further movement. In particular, the topic of discussion was the possibility of the coin’s growth to the level of $ 100 thousand.

Many investors drew attention to the fact that the prospect of a positive movement in the bitcoin rate is embedded in its code. Halving and constant corrections, including adjusting the level of mining difficulty to the realities of the market, according to users, will allow the cryptocurrency to continue to grow. To understand the logic of the movement of bitcoin, in their opinion, you can use simple mathematics. The disbelief of a number of market participants in the cryptocurrency code, which contains the prospects for its growth, was the reason for the birth of memes.

“How can you be sure that BTC will break through the level of $ 100 thousand?.?

I just can count “.

Investors also drew attention to the fact that buying bitcoin even at the level of $ 50 thousand will not look stupid, against the backdrop of the prospects for the growth of the cryptocurrency to $ 100 thousand.

Someone out there is going to buy their first #Bitcoin at $ 50,000 and still come out looking like god damn genius when Bitcoin hits $ 100,000 within that following year.

– PUBLORD.HODL (@guydbennett) October 13, 2020

At the same time, users noted that transactions with digital assets can be risky, especially when it comes to traders who prefer to work through leverage..

Protects the investor's meme - a weekly review of jokes and funny crypto posts

“When you shift your leverage up to 100x just to try”.

when you slide the leverage bar to 100x just to try it out

– Luke Martin (@VentureCoinist) October 13, 2020

Memories of presentations of the once popular Bitconnect pyramid became another topic for jokes on the network. BeInCrypto’s editors are confident that the video does not need comments.

Never Forget.

– PUBLORD.HODL (@guydbennett) October 13, 2020

Thursday began for market participants with a slight drop in the bitcoin rate and news that the trustee of Mt Gox was not going to return 150,000 BTC. Previously, many members of the crypto community predicted a drop in the rate of the coin in the event that the representatives of the platform still distributed debts. Against the background of the postponement of the event, the “collapse of bitcoin” was canceled. The changes were the reason for the publication of thematic memes on the network. In particular, the authors of the posts returned to discussing the impact of bitcoin on the financial market.

“And so, in any case, Bitcoin is the only thing that can save you.”.

At the same time, members of the crypto community drew attention to the positive impact of investments in BTC by large companies. For example MicroStrategy. The head of the company, Michael Sailor, became the hero of another meme about the “rise” of the bitcoin rate.

Do you even stack bro .. ?? # Bitcoin @michael_saylor @Bitcoin_Arsenal

– RD ₿TC (@RD_btc) October 14, 2020

Against the background of the prospects for further growth in the value of BTC, investors did not miss the opportunity to play a trick on the adherents of traditional assets. In particular, one of the most famous critics of bitcoin, the “golden beetle” Peter Schiff, fell under the spotlight of the crypto community. To demonstrate the ineffectiveness of his investment advice, the author of the meme compared the changes in the value of the coin to the precious metal, in which Peter suggests investing..

At the same time, many market participants drew attention to the fact that they are only interested in investing in bitcoin. In their opinion, when talking with traders who offer to buy shitcoins (bad coins, unworthy of attention), it will not be superfluous to use earplugs.

Also, investors did not ignore the problem of endless printing of US dollars. In their opinion, bitcoin was created just to end the flooding of the fiat market..

IN friday bitcoin continued its sideways movement. Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency is still far from the maximum value registered in December 2017 near the level of $ 20 thousand, positive dynamics can still be traced in the movement of the coin rate. To demonstrate it, members of the crypto community compared the cost of the top IPhone models of 2010 and 2020 in bitcoins..

Crypto Security: Passwords and Authentication – Livestream aantonop

Also, members of the crypto community did not miss the opportunity to joke about how Bitcoin displaces gold in the market..

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Protects the investor's meme - a weekly review of jokes and funny crypto posts
Protects the investor's meme - a weekly review of jokes and funny crypto posts


Protects the investor's meme - a weekly review of jokes and funny crypto posts

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