Roger Ver complained about sky-high fees for Bitcoin transactions


  • Roger Ver said that he repeatedly paid $ 1000 for making bitcoin transactions.

  • Meanwhile, the average commission for BTC transactions has never exceeded $ 60..

  • Ver previously argued that Bitcoin fees are too low for miners..

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According to Roger Ver, many times he had to pay $ 1000 as a commission when making transactions with Bitcoin..

Crypto enthusiasts never tire of giving examples of how profitable and cheap money transfers are in the bitcoin network compared to traditional banking systems. However, not everyone agrees with this..

Indeed, at times of increased load on the network, transactions with BTC actually become more expensive, and this drawback was often mentioned when discussing scalability problems. However, the stories that someone had to pay to make a transaction with Bitcoin $ 1000 sound too far-fetched..

$ 1000 for sending BTC?

Roger Ver, the former head of and a well-known fan of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) cryptocurrency, recently made a big statement. He complained that a single bitcoin transaction often cost him $ 1,000. He emphasized that this happened not once, but “countless times”.

" I paid a $ 1000 in fees for a single transaction on the bitcoin network more than I can count"

Someone please teach @rogerkver how to set custom fees in a wallet

– Bitcoin Meme Hub (@BitcoinMemeHub) April 16, 2020

Such a figure is hard to believe, if only because, according to blockchain statistics on the bitcoin network, the average cost of the commission charged for transactions with MTC never exceeded $ 55. Such a peak jump was recorded only once in January 2018..

In addition, the BeInCrypto editorial staff previously reported that the average commission for Bitcoin transactions dropped to $ 0.50 compared to $ 20 in December 2017. This was due to the implementation of SegWit technology, a software update designed to reduce transaction fees and block congestion on the PTS network..

Roger Ver complained about sky-high fees for Bitcoin transactions

Thus, it is unlikely that in the entire history of Bitcoin, someone has had to pay a commission in the amount of more than $ 100, let alone $ 1000. Something in this story doesn’t fit.

Roger Ver: The Best Islands for Crypto Investors

There is nothing like leather?

However, a lot becomes clearer if we remember that Roger Ver is a well-known promoter of another cryptocurrency – Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which is one of the forks of Bitcoin. Ver has repeatedly made bullish statements regarding the bright future of BCH.

In this regard, Vera’s recent comments do not look so surprising. In addition, he has previously made conflicting statements on military-technical cooperation. As recently as February, Twitter users posted him saying that Bitcoin fees are “unfairly cheap”, which economically demotivates miners..

Why Are Bitcoin Transaction Fees So High? – George Levy

Short story. #bitcoin

– A v B (@ArminVanBitcoin) February 24, 2020

Thus, most likely, Vera’s only purpose of such comments is just lobbying for her own project. Meanwhile, as statistics show, his statements are not true..

Have you personally faced exorbitant fees when executing Bitcoin transactions? Share your opinion in the comments!


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Roger Ver complained about sky-high fees for Bitcoin transactions
Roger Ver complained about sky-high fees for Bitcoin transactions
Roger Ver complained about sky-high fees for Bitcoin transactions
Roger Ver complained about sky-high fees for Bitcoin transactions

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