Shell firm Zeus Capital accuses Chainlink of fraudulent scheme


  • Chainlink accused of dummy partnerships, but critics seem to be intent on dumping

  • An anonymous Callisto Network insider says there has never been any technology partnership with Chainlink

  • Zeus Capital was caught in the network in connection with the Nexo cryptocurrency lending service

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Chainlink, a well-known project in the cryptocurrency industry, is accused of fraud, however, it seems that critics want to dump the asset in this way.

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Asset management firm Zeus Capital LLP accuses cryptocurrency project Chainlink (LINK) of multi-level market manipulation.

The firm wrote about this on its Twitter page..

“Was the pump the only target? Sergei [Chainlink founder] is running out of money to keep buying the stability of the house of cards – double tops are [forming] on the horizon. The market can hold out, but it will not forget [pump], “Zeus Capital said.

A little later, the firm published a post, citing an unnamed Callisto Network insider who was allegedly responsible for assessing the investment risks of cooperation with Chainlink..

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According to an anonymous insider, the goal of the collaboration between Chainlink and Callisto Network was cross-marketing – joint promotional campaigns.

No technical integration reported on the Callisto Network official website was.

Smoke without fire

However, the initiator of the partnership, according to an insider, was the Callisto Network after seeing Chainlink’s announcement of upcoming partnerships.

After agreeing on the agreement, both parties issued a press release “in just a couple of days”. 

“… No other contacts, no answers… just a published sheet of paper. We didn’t use their services because they never contacted us again and didn’t answer, ”an insider said..

In late July, Zeus Capital accused Chainlink of fraudulent schemes. Then the firm announced a series of articles about the Chainlink fraud, which the project management is carrying out through meaningless partnerships with Google, Oracle, T-Systems and many others..

A couple of weeks before a series of accusations by Zeus Capital emerged, there were reports on the network that the firm was a front company, most likely associated with the Nexo cryptocurrency lending service..

A Twitter user with the nickname @_WhenMoon_ posted on his page a video of the source code of the firm’s website, according to which Zeus Capital used the same Typeform online forms service as Nexo with a redirect to a cryptocurrency lending service.

Shell firm Zeus Capital accuses Chainlink of fraudulent scheme

BREAKING: Chainlink Fraud Exposed by Zeus Capital -99% SOON? $LINK

By the time Zeus Capital’s connection with Nexo was published in the media, the firm removed the forwarding form.

but on the other hand

Later, on July 29, messages appeared on Twitter about Zeus Capital’s requests for technical analysis Investing in and trading in cryptocurrencies is impossible without the use of technical and fundamental analysis. Despite the popularity of both of these tools, intraday … More cryptocurrencies LINK for 5 bitcoins.

Analyst @scottmelker, co-founder of Blockroots, and crypto developer @icebergy_ posted a screenshot of a post from Zeus Capital in which the firm invited some to analyze LINK’s price for free or for a fee..

Who exactly founded Zeus Capital and where the firm is located remains unknown. The official website notes that the company has offices in New York, Singapore and Hong Kong, however, only the Hong Kong office is listed as a telephone connection..

Chainlink is Currently a Steaming Pile of Shit

The main reason for the massive attack on Chainlink is Zeus Capital’s desire to bring down the LINK price.

Meanwhile, the LINK rate has renewed its all-time high at around $ 9.756. Long-term bullish sentiment persists, however pair is showing many signs of short-term weakness.

At the time of this writing, the price of LINK / USDT is $ 9.49.

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Shell firm Zeus Capital accuses Chainlink of fraudulent scheme
Shell firm Zeus Capital accuses Chainlink of fraudulent scheme
Shell firm Zeus Capital accuses Chainlink of fraudulent scheme
Shell firm Zeus Capital accuses Chainlink of fraudulent scheme

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