Spadina Network Test Fails, But Ethereum 2 Developers Cheer Up


  • Spadina Testnet has identified a number of bugs and issues in Eth2 code.

  • The number of network validators turned out to be very small.

  • Developers are ready to take into account errors and launch a new testnet.

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Testing of the Spadina network, launched in preparation for the transition to Ethereum 2.0, did not last long and turned out to be a failure. Developers are now trying out another testnet, Zinken.

The developers of Ethereum 2.0 officially recognized the Spadina testnet as a failure, launched as recently as September 29. Now they have switched to launching a new testnet, which should take into account and correct previous errors..

Through hardship to the stars

The crypto community has long awaited the launch of Ethereum 2.0 and the transition to PoS. These expectations periodically range from optimism to cautious pessimism. Perhaps now the update of the Ethereum network protocol has become especially relevant, since against the backdrop of the DeFi boom, its problems of speed, scalability and high cost of transactions on the network were revealed..

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The Spadina testnet was launched on September 29th. Its main task was to test the release of the genesis block and user deposits. It was planned that this “dress rehearsal” will last for three days, but before the end of this period, the developers admitted that testing had turned out to be a failure.

As one of the key developers of the project, Danny Ryan, commented, a number of technical errors were revealed during the testing process. He also noted that user activity was very low..

Even though we expect moderately low participation on a short-lived non-incentivized testnet, small errors in the client release process great exacerbated this problem, resulting in ~ 1/3 participation in the first few epochs.

– dannyryan (@dannyryan) September 29, 2020

Ryan explained that the developers assumed that the number of people willing to take part in the short-term testnet would be small. However, in the aggregate, all this significantly aggravated the situation.

Learn from mistakes

In a document for internal use, which, however, was made available to the general public, the project team outlined all of Spadina’s problems and proposed theoretically ways to solve these errors..

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Spadina Network Test Fails, But Ethereum 2 Developers Cheer Up

The developers now intend to launch another testnet, Zinken, and do another “dress rehearsal”.

As Collin Myers, Product Strategy Expert at Consensys Codefi commented, this failure should be seen as a great opportunity to learn from your mistakes..

Zinken here we come – stoked to see failures prior to the real deal. No better way to learn. Shoutout to @dannyryan and all the client teams for the hard work. Get your goerli ready @prylabs @sigp_io @Butta_eth @VitalikButerin @protolambda

– Collin Myers (@StakeETH) September 29, 2020

In the meantime, Ryan added that if testing of the Zinken network is also characterized by a low number of participants, this will not be considered a failure. Instead, he will prefer to focus on making sure the customer release process goes smoothly this time around..

It is worth recalling that this is far from the first failure for the Eth2 developers. On August 4, they launched the Medalla testnet, and within 10 days, due to a software error, most of the validators were knocked out of the network..

Raoul Jordan, a developer at the Prysmatic Labs startup that runs most of the testnets for ETH 2.0, doesn’t see bugs as a defeat either. In his opinion, this is an instructive lesson and a rewarding experience. This is how he views the Medalla experience..

In any case, it is much better to fix bugs on testnets than on the mainnet..


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Spadina Network Test Fails, But Ethereum 2 Developers Cheer Up
Spadina Network Test Fails, But Ethereum 2 Developers Cheer Up
Spadina Network Test Fails, But Ethereum 2 Developers Cheer Up

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