Swiss bank launches blockchain alternative to stock listing


  • Swiss bank will trade tokenized assets

  • Pay for the purchase of assets with stablecoin Sygnum Swiss Franc, Digital CHF

  • Russian companies also tokenize their assets

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Swiss bank Sygnum announced the launch of two blockchain platforms at once, which will become an alternative to listing shares on the stock exchange.

Tokenize everything

The Swiss bank Sygnum announced the launch of two platforms at once, developed on the basis of blockchain technology, which should provide investors with unhindered access to investing in four main groups of assets: stocks of mid-cap companies, venture capital investments, collectibles and real estate. The use of blockchain technology made it possible to tokenize these assets, so the bank’s clients can buy tokens of the corresponding profile directly from the bank.

The “end-to-end tokenization solution,” as the bank’s employees call their project, will combine two platforms: Desygnate, a platform offering primary market assets, and SygnEx, a secondary marketplace. As explained in the company, such an innovation will help customers:

Thomas Moser (Swiss National Bank) on Central Bank Digital Currencies and Blockchain

  • gain access to hard-to-find assets with a combined capitalization of several trillion Swiss francs;
  • trade digital assets using blockchain platforms that fully comply with Swiss legal regulations;
  • instantly pay for the purchase of assets with the stablecoin Sygnum Swiss Franc, Digital CHF (DCHF);
Swiss bank launches blockchain alternative to stock listing

Already today, the shares of a number of companies have been tokenized and presented on the bank’s platforms. Among them are Azimut Group, investment company ImmoZins, real estate token provider CrowdliToken, electric car company BAK Motors and wine investment company Fine Wine Capital AG..

The World’s Most UNUSUAL Central Bank (that’s even LISTED on the STOCK EXCHANGE)

“More than 600,000 Swiss SMEs and 45,000 new companies can now attract more investors and increase capital by issuing investment tokens that can be safely traded on SygnEx,” the company said..

According to the bank, tokenization The term “tokenization” has existed for quite some time. In the broadest sense, a “token” is a kind of unit designed to represent a certain value inside … More will help solve the problems that startups and small and medium-cap enterprises face when attracting investments in traditional capital markets: high costs , extensive requirements to listing and resource-intensive processes. The art and collectibles market faces similar challenges, with over CHF 60 billion a year. The use of tokens will make trading these types of assets easier and more understandable.

Tokens will replace traditional markets

Digitalization and tokenization is gaining momentum in all areas. Almost any product on the market today can be tokenized. For example, the OpenSea marketplace offers tokenized diamonds to its customers. NFT token holders can exchange them for real diamonds. To organize the tokenized diamond trade, a number of necessary measures have been taken, such as labeling, certification and others. Before being marked, all diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and then sent to the Gemstone Certification and Certification Laboratory (GCal) which verifies the GIA certificate and provides a guarantee.

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InfiniGold allows investors to buy, sell and store physical gold held by the Perth Mint in digital form. InfiniGold’s GoldPass digital certificates represent access to government-backed physical gold and offer zero storage and digitization costs.

And immediately after the death of the legendary football player Diego Maradona, an NFT token with his image appeared on the OpenSea platform. Token As the use of cryptocurrencies grows, new types of tokens are emerging. They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More is a hand-drawn image of Maradona and contains text in Spanish, English and Italian: “Caption! Thanks for the magic “.

Russian companies are also starting to tokenize their assets. The Norilsk Nickel holding became the leader in this process. So earlier, the head of the company, Vladimir Potanin, said that the metallurgical holding would issue its own tokens, which would be backed by a specific metal. The first phase will generate tokens backed by palladium, cobalt and copper. And later the company will issue tokens, which will be backed by other metals..

And recently, Sergei Popov, the director of the Transaction Business Division of Sberbank, said that the adoption of the new law “On Digital Financial Assets” allows the issuance of tokens for settlements for the digital financial institution. In this regard, Popov does not exclude the possibility of launching a certain stablecoin, which will be pegged to the ruble exchange rate and will correspond to the national currency of Russia in a 1: 1 ratio.


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Swiss bank launches blockchain alternative to stock listing
Swiss bank launches blockchain alternative to stock listing
Swiss bank launches blockchain alternative to stock listing
Swiss bank launches blockchain alternative to stock listing