Tether’s airdrop turned out to be a scam: personal experience of BeInCrypto journalist


  • Tether’s airdrop turned out to be a dummy

  • Users were promised a reward of 50 to 500 USDT

  • Tether capitalization is growing

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Cryptocurrency scams are not uncommon. However, now cybercriminals have switched to the Russian market and are trying to deceive domestic users..

Airdrop that doesn’t exist

Most often, online scammers use social media to find and attract future victims. The main tools of cyber fraudsters are FacebookIn June 2019, Facebook announced preparations for the release of the digital currency Libra. The social networking project immediately caught the attention of … More and Twitter. And more recently, this list was supplemented by the Telegram messenger. It was here that I received a message from an unknown contact signed as Polina Petrova. She invited me to participate in the Tether airdrop.

After googling a little information, I didn’t find a single mention of airdrops on the official Tether websites. I realized that something was unclean here, so I continued to communicate. Polina promised to share information about the airdrop with me if I pay her a certain percentage of the coins received. Interesting approach!

Naturally, I agreed, and after a week of complete silence, Polina got in touch again and sent me detailed instructions on how to get free USDT without investing absolutely nothing. Everything was simple: go to the site, enter the Tether wallet number, test your luck by clicking on the “Get coins” button, enter your Telegram nickname, email and attention … generate a QR code for the wallet on Blockchain.com … We have already written about fraud with QR codes earlier..

Please note that the site is already called airdropbox.club, since the two previous ones have already been blocked (this will be discussed below – author). Go to the website, enter the Tether wallet address and click “Check airdrop” and immediately I get $ 739. But several questions immediately arise:

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  • why USD if the airdrop is for Tether coins. It is clear that USDT is equal to the US dollar, but still;
  • why $ 739, if the airdrop description states that the maximum amount is 500 USDT;

I think there must be some mistake. I enter the required information again and again I get $ 739. To be honest, I did this operation 7 times and each time I got $ 739. Coincidence? I don’t think!


Next, I try to withdraw money to the wallet, but of course I can’t. It’s amazing that a second after my unsuccessful attempt to withdraw money, a message comes to Telegram from an unknown Cristina Wan. The message says that they noticed a problem with the withdrawal of funds and are ready to help me. Strange! I haven’t asked for help anywhere. It all comes down to the fact that I need to generate a QR code on their website.

I refused to generate a QR code and honestly said that I am a journalist for a crypto publication. In a second, all correspondence with Cristina Wan disappeared.

Tether's airdrop turned out to be a scam: personal experience of BeInCrypto journalist

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To better understand the fraud scheme, I started looking for other information on the Internet. Found several identical YouTube videos, which were made according to the same script.

The author of the video explains that the Tether airdrop hosts the Airdropbox resource. You don’t need to do anything: just enter your Tether wallet address, click on the “Get Coins” button and coins are randomly delivered to you. To withdraw assets, you need to go through identification and that’s it. That is the standard scenario.

The enthusiastic comments below the video are encouraging. Users write that they received from 65 to 650 USDT. I decided to try again, especially since under the video there was a referral link that led to the Airdropbox site, which I already know. Please note that the site is called Airdropbox.online.

Go to the site and receive a notification that the site is blocked.

This is how promising Tether airdrop turned out to be a dummy.

By the way, the logo and name of the Airdropbox website, which “distributed coins”, is remarkably similar to the logo and name of the official English website AirBoxDrop.co.uk., Which deals with humanitarian delivery of goods by air, dropping containers with necessary humanitarian supplies by parachute.

Real Airdropbox website logo
Logo of the site that hosted Airdrop Tether


It is already clear to everyone that a “promising airdrop” is nothing more than a dummy and a scam. The organizers of the scheme strongly ask for the QR-code of the wallet, to which funds will allegedly be withdrawn. In fact, QR code frauds are becoming more common. Do not trust strangers on the Internet, do not leave your details and do not believe in sky-high profits. Free cheese is always in a mousetrap!



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Tether's airdrop turned out to be a scam: personal experience of BeInCrypto journalist
Tether's airdrop turned out to be a scam: personal experience of BeInCrypto journalist
Tether's airdrop turned out to be a scam: personal experience of BeInCrypto journalist

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