“The crypto market in Russia will develop,” – the founder of Profit Chief


  • The platform guarantees the number of positive trades

  • 86% of customers constantly use the service

  • The cryptocurrency market will continue to develop in Russia

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The Profit Chief platform is already widely known on just Runet. There is a lot of talk today about guaranteed signaling services, which show consistently high results. Profit Chief remains one of the most popular among domestic traders. BeInCrypto asked a few questions to the creator of the project Pavel Gromov.

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– How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating a Profit Chief? Why did you decide that there are not enough signals on the crypto market??


P.G.: In fact, the market is full of signal services, but not all of them are of high quality and offer really favorable conditions to users. We immediately differentiated ourselves from all such services by offering our customers a guarantee. Our user knows for sure that he will receive 10 profitable trades per month. Or the return of the subscription fee, even if the number of transactions is 9. In other words, we guarantee our clients profit.

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– And how many negative deals can there be??


P.G.: There must be 10 more positive transactions than negative ones, only then the guarantee conditions are considered fulfilled. At the moment, since the start of the service, we have 148 positive deals and 20 closed with a negative. What is the total percentage of return, I will not even name – you will not believe it. The website and the Profit Chief channel have detailed statistics for each trade. We work openly and transparently, so everyone can see the result of the service for themselves. https://cryptochief.net/


– Is it possible to guarantee something on the crypto market?

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P.G.: Where the market will go, what will be the profit and whether it will be at all, of course, cannot be guaranteed, because all forecasts on the market are probabilistic, and no past results guarantee future.

But it is quite within our power to give and fulfill a guarantee for the result or return of the monthly fee..


– Can a person who has never traded on the stock exchange understand the signals? What does the client get besides instructions where to buy and where to sell?


P.G.: Yes, and this is another difference from other services that exist on the market.

The client receives service and the opportunity to clarify any question that he has. There are free consultants (so far only during working hours, but soon they will be 24X7), there is an active chat of existing clients who will always clarify all questions to new members. You can find educational materials and video reviews of exchanges in your personal account. But that is not all.

If the client has a large deposit and minimal knowledge, or he just got used to VIP-service, then there is an opportunity to order the “Personal Manager” service. In fact, this is a concierge service that accompanies from opening an account on the exchange to the correct withdrawal of profits.


– How many clients do you have now? What results do they get?


P.G.: There are more than 400 clients. The main result is that 86% of clients renew their subscriptions again, which means that the service meets their expectations.


– It’s all too good. Let’s talk about the problems. What are the difficulties?


P.G.: Trading results are not only about entry and exit points. It depends on capital management, psychological stability and the ability to overcome emotions, and on the risk management strategy.

And the Profit Chief in this story is only responsible for entry and exit..

Therefore, the results of clients differ significantly among themselves – some get X’s, others, due to errors on the client’s side, are content with more modest results. Read reviews here: https://t.me/profitchief

“The crypto market in Russia will develop,” - the founder of Profit Chief

But we strive to make money not on clients, but together with clients. Therefore, we are working on making the tasks on the client side as easy as possible..

Trades are now filtered by risk level, and everyone can choose between maximum return and minimum risk. As I said, there are a lot of training materials on money management in your personal account, and already this month a large author’s course on this and other topics will be added..

There are strategies for trading only on the spot, without leverage, where the risk is generally minimal, and the profitability is quite decent. In the near future, there will be a product that removes the need to make decisions even on money management from the client.


– What else is in the development plans?


P.G.: Profit Chief will become a full-fledged entry point to crypto for novice traders and a window of opportunity for experienced.

Now three new traders are already working in test mode, who demonstrate their trading and answer questions from customers of the service. Several more on the way.


– What cryptocurrencies are popular today? Which cryptocurrencies for trading are most often chosen by your clients?


P.G.: I would separate Russia and the CIS. For example, Belarus has advanced crypto legislation and loyalty from the authorities. In Ukraine, in principle, they do not interfere with work, but more is not needed. But Russia, if the bill “On digital financial assets” is passed, could turn into a digital Zimbabwe. Can you imagine where a country would have thought of banning the Internet in the year 2000-2001? There will also be a country that will now prohibit cryptocurrencies. Crypto doesn’t need regulation, crypt needs freedom – that’s my position.


– How will the cryptocurrency market develop in Russia and the CIS? Will it expand or, conversely, decrease?


P.G.: Taking into account economic realities, and first of all, the flooding of the problems caused by the pandemic with cheap money, the significant growth of the crypto market is only a matter of time, and the nearest time. New money and new people will come to the market soon after..

– Thanks for the conversation!


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“The crypto market in Russia will develop,” - the founder of Profit Chief
“The crypto market in Russia will develop,” - the founder of Profit Chief
“The crypto market in Russia will develop,” - the founder of Profit Chief

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