The head of tZERO – about the successes and plans of the company, bitcoin and his favorites


  • BeInCrypto editors interviewed Saum Nursalehi, CEO of tZERO

  • August was a record for tZERO – trading volumes approached $ 22 million

  • TZERO also has a platform ready, which will be presented in the near future

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Recently, the DeFi marketplace Decentralized finance (DeFi) is financial services built on blockchain technology that offer users access to an open, efficient and … More has captured the attention of the blockchain space, but there are other thriving segments, including investment tokens..

Alternative Trading System (ATS) tZERO, licensed to trade private digital securities, boasted records in August with over 2.3 million digital securities traded through the system, valued at nearly $ 22 million. In annual comparison, this figure increased 21 times. The main growth driver was the digital preferred dividend on Overstock common share (OSTK).

In a recent interview with BeInCrypto, tZERO CEO Saum Nursalehi shared his expectations regarding the prospects for the company and the digital securities market in general..

Pillar trio: ASPD, TZROP and OSTKO

Today, the alternative trading system tZERO supports the trading of three digital securities: Own Preferred Equity Security (TZROP), Overstock Preferred Digital Dividend (OSTKO) and St. Regis Aspen (ASPD). But, as Nursalehi explained, other assets will be added to this list in the future:

We are working on adding additional private assets and companies.

The trading platform itself is gaining momentum. The former President of Overstock noted that in addition to the growing involvement of institutional investors, high trading volumes come from retail investors who are switching to a dividend token. As the use of cryptocurrencies grows, new types of tokens are emerging. They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More Overstock. The OSTKO distribution took place in May and since then there has been growing interest from both retail and institutional investors:

OSTKO has definitely brought investor interest in our platform and made a tangible contribution to record trading volumes. Also, at the end of August, secondary trading of the digital security St. Regis Aspen (ASPD) in the tZERO alternative trading system. With the launch of ASPD, new investors came to us, as a result of which the turnover of trade on TZROP and OSTKO increased.

Investment token St. Regis gives investors a stake in St. Regis Aspen. Nursalehi also hinted that additional real estate tokens could be added in the future..

Plans and ambitions

Saum Nursalehi gave a description of the landscape in which over 200 companies and / or assets have already been tokenized. Many of them do not meet the tZERO criteria based on standards such as size and quality, but this does not mean that the company is not making plans to develop and expand its line of tools..

We see great opportunities and interest in real estate and pre-IPO companies. More companies are recognizing the value of digitalizing assets every day, and as this ecosystem develops, interest will only grow..

TZERO CEO told what cryptocurrencies he plans to add to his platform.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, we are especially interested in projects that seek to get involved in the world of digital securities. These are Tezos and Ravencoin.


Bitcoin is not a hindrance

The head of tZERO - about the successes and plans of the company, bitcoin and his favorites

The fact that the bitcoin rate has again entered bullish territory does not frighten Nursalehi at all:

Despite the differences between cryptocurrencies and investment tokens, the more interest and understanding there is around Bitcoin, the better it is for the entire blockchain space as a whole. Cryptocurrencies may have their advantages, but they are very different from private digital securities, and they are united only by a similar technology infrastructure..

In addition to the alternative trading system, tZERO boasts a Crypto app, which grew by 11% in August. According to Nursalehi, in the near future tZERO will add public shares to its lineup, including:

The tZERO Crypto app allows you to trade cryptocurrencies. Today these are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ravencoin. Our goal is to integrate these functions in a web mode and within an application for trading digital securities and cryptocurrencies. It is also possible that over time we will add traditional public shares here..

About Kraken and India

A few days ago, Kraken received permission to provide banking services in Wyoming, which sparked a revival in the cryptocurrency space. Nursalehi commented on the news, noting:

Congratulations to Kraken for gaining regulatory approval and becoming a US bank. At the moment we are not planning to become a bank. We may be able to partner with Kraken in digital securities custody.

The head of tZERO also spoke about the current state of affairs in the cryptocurrency markets in India, where the government is developing a bill to ban cryptocurrency trading in the country..

I believe that governments should not decide which technologies people use. In India and elsewhere, it is already too late to try to stop the adoption and development of bitcoin and blockchain technology. By the way, tZERO will use distributed ledger technology to transform capital markets.

In conclusion, Nursalehi noted that tZERO has another platform ready, which will be presented in the near future..


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The head of tZERO - about the successes and plans of the company, bitcoin and his favorites
The head of tZERO - about the successes and plans of the company, bitcoin and his favorites
The head of tZERO - about the successes and plans of the company, bitcoin and his favorites

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