The one who laughs at memes laughs well – a review of funny crypto posts this week


  • Falling prices for cryptocurrencies became a reason for jokes

  • DeFi continues to fuel the crypto industry with memes

  • Investors amused by bitcoin maximalists’ jealousy of DeFi startups

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For the cryptocurrency industry, the week was eventful. Some news has spawned new memes on the web. BeInCrypto’s editors have compiled the posts that digital asset investors laughed at the most over the course of their five-day business..

IN Monday, after a prolonged testing of the 11 thousand level, bitcoin (BTC) went into decline again. Accustomed to periodic corrections in the coin rate, investors did not focus on the negative movement of the asset. Instead, they continued to discuss the MicroStrategy team’s decision to buy a large batch of bitcoins.. 

Have a laugh😂😂😂

According to participants in the digital asset market, investing in cryptocurrency today is an effective solution for companies that want to save and increase their savings during the financial crisis. And those who, in the old fashioned way, prefer to keep reserves in traditional money in the realities of 2020, according to investors, look ridiculous.

Also, many BTC investors once again turned to market participants with a call to choose HODL (a strategy for long-term storage of cryptocurrencies with the refusal to sell coins during periods of falling prices, in order to mitigate the risks of organizing panic sales).

They can take our lives but they’ll never take our # Bitcoin # HODL

– RD ₿TC (@RD_btc) September 19, 2020

Another topic for jokes was ineffective investment decisions, thoughts about which do not let you sleep. Netizens suggested that the investors who bought Ethereum for $ 1400 do not sleep well at night. Recall that the cryptocurrency reached the designated height, which became its absolute maximum, at the beginning of 2018.

Not without another portion of DeFi jokesDecentralized finance (DeFi) is a blockchain-based financial services that offers users access to an open, efficient and … More. In the eyes of many in the crypto industry, investing in decentralized finance projects looks silly. At the same time, the choice of bitcoin as an asset for investing funds is considered by market participants to be a mature, balanced decision..

“You buy bitcoin.

But I want DeFi “.

In Tuesday bitcoin continued to fall. But many investors still retained a positive attitude.

“I buy bitcoins. This means that my children will not have to learn English “, – this post was published by one of the members of the crypto community, hinting that in the future, the expected rise in prices for BTC will allow his family to lead a comfortable life even being uneducated.

I’m buying bitcoin so my kids don’t have to learn english

– Justin Moon (@_JustinMoon_) September 21, 2020

Also on Tuesday, members of the crypto community continued to discuss the purchase of bitcoins by the MicroStrategy team. Users suggested that the company’s choice of BTC could offend representatives of altcoins, including Ethereum. In their opinion, attempts by other startups to attract the attention of MicroStrategy might look funny..

Not without jokes about Ethereum’s lack of value. 

Dis lol

– LabraHODL (@labrahodl) September 21, 2020

Other altcoins also got it. 

“When you have a balanced portfolio of cryptocurrencies, but you bought too many shitcoins”.

Also, members of the crypto community did not pass by the strange relationship that has formed between the current economic system and the digital asset market. If cryptocurrencies threaten traditional money, then the coins themselves, in turn, are “at gunpoint” by governments. Some decisions of regulators may negatively affect the position of the new financial instrument. At the same time, sometimes the actions of the authorities, unexpectedly for them, – on the contrary, have a positive effect on the development of the digital asset market.

“The current economic system, bitcoin, government”.

Wednesday began for members of the crypto community by observing Bitcoin’s attempts to push off lower support levels. Despite the efforts, the cryptocurrency rate could not get into a positive movement. 

Against the background of unsuccessful attempts by BTC to realize growth, members of the crypto community drew attention to the discrepancy between the image of a crypto trader and expectations. A meme has gained popularity on the network, which, according to users, illustrates the harsh reality.

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency to receive jokes from members of the crypto community on Wednesday. Also, netizens drew attention to the comic position of the Ethereum course. The behavior of the cryptocurrency, according to many, is best reflected by the following gif:

$ ETH chart rn

– Squeeze (@cryptoSqueeze) September 23, 2020

Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies do not please their users with active growth, the world without them, as noted by many members of the crypto community, would not be the same. Life without digital assets, using bitcoin as an example, was illustrated as follows:

* Signature: your government, you.

Life without # bitcoin …

– I, MY OWN MAN ☩ ₿ 𓃓 MVDEX ☩ (@SPACEBULL) September 22, 2020

It was not without jokes about analysts who, despite everything, give positive forecasts for coins. Also, the object for ridicule was overly naive members of the crypto community, who are ready to believe to the last in the potential of the positive movement of digital assets.

“October 1, 2055. Bitcoin is trading at $ 10,570.

This is John. He bought cryptocurrency in 2019.

John: “I’m sure bitcoin will go to $ 100K next year”.

The one who laughs at memes laughs well - a review of funny crypto posts this week

IN Thursday investors continued to talk about the prospects for the early release of bitcoin in growth. Meanwhile, netizens have found another way to increase the popularity of cryptocurrency. For this, according to members of the crypto community, you can use the coin logo and the S2F forecasting model as a print for clothes..

The DeFi jokes have not lost their relevance either. Users noted the zealous attitude of bitcoin maximalists to the attention of new participants in the cryptoindustry to projects from the decentralized finance sector. Experienced investors often try to shift user interest from DeFi to classic cryptocurrencies. Their behavior became a reason for jokes..

At the same time, netizens noted that adherents of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies of the first wave criticize DeFi-startups like older people, who often speak out against something new.. 

“DeFi? In my time, we had good old altcoins.

Okay, grandma. Let me help you to enter the house “.

Bitcoin ended the working five-day period with a slight increase. IN friday the rate of the cryptocurrency broke through the level of $ 10,600. The positive movement of BTC did not cause enthusiasm from the participants of the crypto community because even taking into account the realized growth, the coin is still far from the maximum.

Meanwhile, investors continued to look for jokes in the current state of the digital asset market. One of them was the dreams of users about selling bitcoin at the time of updating the maximums.

“I will sell 10% of my portfolio at the moment when Bitcoin costs $ 100 thousand per coin.

Your bitcoins are priceless “.

Also, members of the crypto community did not miss the opportunity to joke about the power that BTC gives its investors.

“This is what I’m trying to tell you. First you buy bitcoins, then power comes to you. And only after that women will begin to pay attention to you “.

Tony Montana explains #Bitcoin

– PUBLORD.HODL (@guydbennett) September 24, 2020

Another topic of jokes was the government’s attempts to regulate the crypto industry. In order to illustrate what this process looks like, the trader The Crypto Dog posted a video on his microblog. On it, the monkey “plays” the role of the crypto community. The dog that tries to get to her, in turn, personifies the government.

monkey: crypto
dog: regulators


– The Crypto Dog (@TheCryptoDog) September 24, 2020

More memes in the joke collection over the past week.


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The one who laughs at memes laughs well - a review of funny crypto posts this week
The one who laughs at memes laughs well - a review of funny crypto posts this week
The one who laughs at memes laughs well - a review of funny crypto posts this week
The one who laughs at memes laughs well - a review of funny crypto posts this week

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