They don’t argue about memes – a review of funny crypto posts in a week


  • Memes about DeFi are still relevant

  • Bitcoin’s growth has become a reason for jokes

  • Investors continue to joke about altcoins

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IN Monday members of the crypto community noted that in the behavior of bitcoin (BTC), one can see signals to enter growth. Against the background of the potential for positive movement of the cryptocurrency, investors drew attention to the need to discuss forecasts with colleagues in the shop. The lack of such an opportunity, in their opinion, can be a source of pain..

“Where does it hurt. Headache, stomach pain, pain when no one discusses the behavior of bitcoin with a person”.

Another reason for jokes was the lack of understanding of the principles of the digital asset market on the part of ordinary people. One of the netizens illustrated how, according to people not involved in the cryptoindustry, transferring coins to a cold wallet to store them might look like.

I’d imagine this is how stacking sats looks to non-coiners.

– #STACKSATS (@ st4cks4ts) October 18, 2020

Also, members of the crypto community drew attention to how undeserved the popularity of centralized exchanges of digital assets looks, against the background of the possibilities of organizing a completely decentralized trade. For example, on Uniswap. One investor illustrated his vision of centralized marketplaces in a decentralized world as follows:

Centralized exchanges.

Same energy.https: //

– Komodo (@KomodoPlatform) October 18, 2020

In Tuesday bitcoin has come close to the level of $ 12 thousand. Against the background of the positive movement of the cryptocurrency rate, the participants of the crypto community decided to illustrate how they look at such moments.

“I woke up at 4 am to check how my bitcoins are doing.”.

Jameson Lopp, a popular member of the crypto community, CTO of the Casa startup Jameson Lopp, jokingly decided to present the reasons for investing in BTC.

“By buying more bitcoins, you do not leave your enemies the opportunity to get hold of the coins”.

Acquire more bitcoin so that your enemies can’t have it.

– Jameson Lopp (@lopp) October 19, 2020

Also on Tuesday, it was not without the already familiar jokes about the decentralized finance market (DeFi) Due to the fact that many projects of the direction do not differ in original ideas, are not practical and look like a mockery of investors, one of the crypto community members visualized a meeting of DeFi startups developers as follows:

Wednesday began for investors with the news about the breakthrough by bitcoin of the $ 12 thousand level. So the cryptocurrency managed to justify the forecast of billionaire Mike Novogratz. The crypto community did not miss the opportunity to leverage the positive movement of cryptocurrency to create memes. According to one of the netizens, the face of a BTC investor who sees the coin moving towards the $ 12K level looks like this:

The funniest crypto memes hd – Bitcoin Memes 2020

#Bitcoin 12k

CRINGE Is At All Time Highs Too – Bitcoin Meme Review

– RD ₿TC (@RD_btc) October 21, 2020

Against the background of the growth of the bitcoin rate, the most capitalized cryptocurrency again attracted the attention of market participants, which also became a topic for jokes..

“Turning Bitcoin to Altcoins.

Look at me. Now I am the captain “.

#bitcoin to altcoins right now

– Lark Davis (@TheCryptoLark) October 21, 2020

Investors also drew attention to the fact that the cryptocurrency was able to grow amid support from users. At the same time, according to the participants of the crypto community, one must value the contribution to the development of the market from each.

“I am holding 0.01 BTC in the hope that I will be able to facilitate the movement of bitcoin above $ 12 thousand.”.

Me stacking 0.01 BTC thinking #Bitcoin will break the $ 12k resistance because of me

– ₿obby Orr (@ MarioLemieux99) October 20, 2020

IN Thursday bitcoin continued to rally despite the correction. Participants in the crypto community found it amusing to see the active growth of traders’ attention to the coin. Investors chained to monitors of computers and smartphones, against the background of Bitcoin approaching the level of $ 13 thousand, according to one of the network users, look like this:

The disbelief of many investors that bitcoin was able to grow has also become a reason for jokes. One of the members of the crypto community published a meme with a reference to the movie “Back to the Future”.

“Marty, we need to go back.

To save the world?

They don't argue about memes - a review of funny crypto posts in a week

Not. To buy bitcoins “.

The plot of the beloved film also became the basis for other memes..

“When I try to explain what bitcoin is.

I think you are not ready for this yet.

But your kids will love it. “.

The references to films in cryptomemes did not end there. A post with a still from the film “Fight Club” gained popularity in the network.

“The first rule of bitcoin is never to sell bitcoins”.

Friday bitcoin met with attempts to gain a foothold above the $ 13 thousand level. Against the background of the positive movement of the cryptocurrency, investors jokingly suggested that even the leader of North Korea could rejoice in the changes.

Let’s Be Honest About Dogecoin…

The following bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, including the second largest coin Ethereum by capitalization, also went up. Despite the positive movement realized, ETH remains one of the most popular joke targets in the crypto community. Many investors agreed that nothing good should be expected from Ethereum adherents.

“ETH is money”.

Bitcoin – on the contrary, according to many, has become a cryptocurrency that deserves everyone’s attention.

“Bitcoin, me, shitcoins”.

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They don't argue about memes - a review of funny crypto posts in a week
They don't argue about memes - a review of funny crypto posts in a week
They don't argue about memes - a review of funny crypto posts in a week

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