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The blockchain industry is constantly evolving, and every day there is some absolutely incredible story: either McAfee is extradited to the United States, or DeFi Decentralized finance (DeFi) is financial services built on the basis of blockchain technology that offer users access to an open, efficient and … .More the project did to the moon and just tears BTC indicators. All this news needs to be covered in the media, and as expertly and honestly as possible. There are many problems with this: from low-quality content to lack of fact-checking..

In order not to get confused in the mass of portals and thoroughly understand the topic, pay attention to the selection of top crypto publications.


One of the few specialized projects in Eastern Europe, which creates truly high-quality and relevant content in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in ten languages, including Russian, English, Spanish, Turkish, Basilian, Portuguese. First of all, it is interesting for those who want to know about the development of the industry through the eyes of the Russian-speaking part of the crypto community..

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The platform has the dignity of industry leaders and covers events, events and news of the crypto and blockchain. Please note – there is a currency converter on the site. This allows us to consider the site as a useful application tool. And together with a competent analytical base, BeInCrypto turns into one of the optimal solutions for obtaining information about cryptocurrencies.

Personally, I like this platform with its laconic design, competent approach to the formation of content and the objectivity of the analysis.


If you are looking for specialized sites that will cover everything related to Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, then you can undoubtedly turn to CoinTelegraph – the top media. The editorial staff of the publication strives for full coverage of significant events from the standpoint of quality, not “yellowness”.

Real masters work on illustrations for articles: each thematic picture is a small masterpiece, and their quality is considered a benchmark for crypto-media. Another great feature of Coin Telegraph is that it is available in different languages ​​like English, Brazilian, Spanish, Japanese, Serbian, etc..

Since its founding in 2012, CoinTelegraph has been popular with anyone interested in the future of digital assets, including influential bloggers and business people..

CoinTelegraph is one of my favorite sources of information. 


One of the leading names among cryptocurrency websites. Since its inception in 2013, CoinDesk has grown steadily and can be called the “grandfather” of cryptomedia. The portal has a reputation for being an honest publication. Whether it’s the rise and fall of the bitcoin price index or the emergence of a new cryptocurrency in the industry, CoinDesk will be relevant to you..

The site has a number of drawbacks, such as difficult surfing. But if you get used to it, you stop noticing it. CoinDesk is aimed at a prepared audience, so I do not recommend getting to know it without a baggage of knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Mobile users appreciate the fact that the site is optimized for different devices and can be loaded like an app.


A news site that provides the latest news on the major digital assets in the market. Everything is standard, but their analytics are very powerful.

Uniswap growth, Ribbon Finance introduced and more – The Daily Gwei Refuel #58 – Ethereum Updates

On CCN, you will find blockchain and other important market information: ICO calendar, market cap, DLT events Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is an electronic database system distributed across multiple network nodes or … More and etc. Due to the complex interface and the lack of mass materials, CCN is gradually dying and the activity of readers has been declining over the past six months. But the portal is important for understanding the industry, so I put it in the TOP.

You can expand your knowledge of the industry with a blog posting the speculations of influential figures in the crypto world – this is a significant plus, although sometimes this reasoning does not match the facts, or is far from reality. In my opinion, the blog can be read for fun, but not to provide an objective picture of the industry..

News BTC

A blockchain and cryptocurrency platform filled with news of the latest developments in the industry. BTC news covers such aspects of the life of digital assets as technical analysis Investing in and trading in cryptocurrencies is impossible without the use of technical and fundamental analysis. Despite the popularity of both of these tools, intraday … More, ICO Reviews and Events Calendar.

The site has an extensive collection of educational materials on cryptocurrencies, which makes it a “tutorial” for beginner crypto enthusiasts.

This trustworthy site was founded in 2013 and has been posting quality content on a daily basis since then and is not going to give up despite its relatively small reach. A tenacious, community-oriented portal for those who are really interested in watching the deep events of the world of cryptocurrencies.

The portal has an Android application.


The editors of the site provide news of the cryptocurrency industry and distributed ledger technologies. Its owners, a Seattle-based media company, were founded in 2017. Despite the fact that CryotoSlate is a fairly young project, over the past few years it has gained recognition in the industry. In addition to crypto news, the site covers a wide range of information about ICOs, cryptocurrency rankings and events. Everything is presented clearly and intuitively, so a beginner can figure it out.

CryptoSlate is without a doubt one of the top 10 crypto sites. The portal offers up-to-date prices for thousands of coins, which can help you make an informed decision and develop a successful strategy for buying or selling cryptocurrencies. But I would recommend using CoinMarketCap for this..


Bitcoinist covers all major cryptocurrencies and news. The site provides readers with essential information about the blockchain industry. The platform positions itself as a powerful crypto analyst, so I would recommend Bitcoinist to anyone looking to understand trading tools and the crypto stock segment. Everyone else doesn’t need to focus on this platform – it may seem overly complicated. But if you are looking for accurate technical analysis and cryptocurrency news, then this platform is for you.. 

Top 10 Crypto Media That Deserve Your Attention

Bitcoin Magazine

In Bitcoin Magazine, you can find everything about Bitcoin. It is one of the first resources dedicated exclusively to BTC news and has a reputation as a guru in the world’s first cryptocurrency..

The founder of the magazine, the notorious Vitalik Buterin, is also the creator of Ethereum. This contributes to the high ratings of Bitcoin Magazine. Although the site started out as a dedicated bitcoin news portal, it now covers other cryptocurrencies as well..

Bitcoin Magazine is dedicated to price analysis, reviews, research, and more. It was published until 2015, and in 2019 it returned with a special issue dedicated to the 10th anniversary of bitcoin..

The activity of the electronic edition is low, but this does not mean that the portal is useless. Simply, he is “for his own”. If you want to be in the subject – you go there. 

Null Tx

Null Tx, formerly known as The Merkle, is a dedicated platform for the latest cryptocurrency news. In addition to news, you will find valuable educational articles that introduce you to the industry. Null Tx also has a dedicated section for the fintech sector.

The site was founded in 2014, but now it is completely undeservedly rotting. I would like to revive it.

Crypto news is an important source of information

Given the fact that the world of crypto is constantly and rapidly changing, there is no doubt that news and blogs about cryptocurrency are invaluable sources of information. And only by taking a few and comparing them, one can draw some conclusions. And before that – be silent and run to read articles.

However, crypto sites are about more than news, technical analysis, and educational articles. For example, platforms like CryptoBriefing can help distinguish cryptocurrency scammers from honest products. Unfortunately, not many crypto enthusiasts read such resources, and scam projects use this..

Let’s not forget about Reddit and other discussion platforms. Reddit helps you connect with like-minded people and share valuable information about commerce, companies, games, and even cities where cryptocurrencies are treated as the next step in the world of finance. The main advantage of such forums is the ability to obtain information from living sources and build a basic level of knowledge about blockchain and crypto.

It can be noted that popular magazines, for example, Forbes, also provide valuable information about the world of distributed ledger technology..

Here is a list of sites that will help you stay abreast of important and bright events in the world of cryptocurrencies. And to make your life even easier, “CryptoDiplomat” sorts this news, spices it with analytics and creates unique content..

The author of the article is the founder of the boutique consulting agency Georgy Paliani.

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Top 10 Crypto Media That Deserve Your Attention
Top 10 Crypto Media That Deserve Your Attention
Top 10 Crypto Media That Deserve Your Attention
Top 10 Crypto Media That Deserve Your Attention

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