Top 10 Influential Figures in the Bullish Crypto Market 2021


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The crypto industry has finally said goodbye to the 3-year bear market. The new year 2021 kicked off with the renewal of historical highs across the entire spectrum of the market. The most notable achievement was Bitcoin’s (BTC) push to a record high of $ 42,000. The total crypto market capitalization reached $ 1.1 trillion for the first time, up from $ 750 billion in January 2018..

Traditional companies are finally turning their attention to the cryptocurrency industry. Players like Microstrategy and Grayscale are actively investing in digital currencies. The number of institutional investors is growing rapidly. Billionaire Venture Entrepreneur and Bitcoin Bull Chamat Palihapitiya says Bitcoin price of $ 1 million is achievable as cryptocurrency becomes a way of storing value similar to gold.

Retail traders also poured into the crypto space along with the institutionalists. Against this background, the question arises more and more acutely: “Whose advice and recommendations do they listen to? Who is being followed in this industry? “.

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Let’s take a look at ten of the top crypto influencers who can help you get the most out of this winter bull run..

Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos has been one of the prominent Bitcoin enthusiasts since 2012. During this time, he has written five books, including the published in 2016 “Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Blockchain”.

How do you get and use #bitcoin? Find out in my free Introduction to #Bitcoin and Open Blockchains Workshop! Start earning & using #crypto today:

– Andreas M. Antonopoulos (@aantonop) November 20, 2020

Antonopoulos is always ready to offer a huge amount of diverse information to anyone who wants to learn more about the world’s main cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He conducts online seminars and also hosts his own podcast Let’s Talk Bitcoin.

But that’s not all. Antonopoulos also lectures for those wishing to pursue a master’s degree in digital currencies. This specialization is offered by the University of Nicosia in Cyprus.

Antonopoulos provides a professional look at an industry whose massive adoption is now in full swing. The number of his followers on Twitter exceeds 530 thousand people, and this number speaks for itself. Antonopoulos is without doubt one of the prominent educators in the blockchain segment..

Adam back

Blockchain developer Adam Back is another iconic figure in the crypto space. Cryptographer and cypherpunk, he stood at the origins of the industry even before the advent of bitcoin.

It is not surprising that he is considered by some to be the true creator of military-technical cooperation. However, Beck himself denies this..

Like Satoshi Nakamoto, Beck was always ahead of his time. It was Beck who developed Hashcash, a proof-of-work algorithm designed to combat email spam and DoS attacks. Subsequently, Hashcash began to be used as part of an algorithm for mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies..

Back has always stood for security and cryptographic data protection. Perhaps this is why he became one of the two chosen ones to receive an email from Satoshi himself..

Back is actively sharing his thoughts on Bitcoin and the crypto industry in general on Twitter. 230 thousand people are subscribed to his account. Back is currently the head of Blockstream, a blockchain company focused on the storage and transfer of digital assets..

Back is a member of the old guard, one of the first crypto evangelists and advocates for decentralization.

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Nick szabo 

Nick Szabo is a renowned cryptographer with extensive research experience in digital contracts and digital assets. It was he who coined the term “smart contract”, which caught on and gained high popularity.

Sabo is also considered one of the most likely candidates for the role of Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi. However, Szabo himself denied this many times..

I’d put it this way: own things you can actually securely own. Which may, sadly, end up being not much of anything else besides #BTC

– Nick Szabo (@ NickSzabo4) January 4, 2021

Szabo helped create one of the first cryptocurrencies, Bit Gold. The coin was developed back in 1998, but was never officially launched due to problems unacceptable for a decentralized currency.

There is an opinion that the creator of bitcoin was inspired by the developments of Sabo and the Bit Gold format. This is probably why so many people believe that Sabo is Satoshi..

In any case, it is an integral part of the processes that led to the creation of Bitcoin. Szabo continues to actively fight for the ideas of decentralization and security. Over 258 thousand people have subscribed to his Twitter account.


Many users of social platforms prefer to use pseudonyms while maintaining anonymity. This is partly due to the fact that many participants in the cryptoindustry earn little or even quite decent capital..

In this regard, they fear to become victims of doxing – an unethical Internet practice of searching for and uploading personal or confidential information about a person to the network. This pushes a number of users to carefully protect their personal data from prying eyes..

Never sell your entire spot position in $ crypto.

Always keep at least 0.5-1%.

This is known as a Moon Bag, or a Suicide Stack.

Keeping some exposure prevents you from rebuying (likely at the top) if a market keeps moving after you’ve exited.

FOMO management tool.

– Cred (@CryptoCred) January 12, 2021

London-based CryptoCred may not be one of the first bitcoin evangelists, but he has demonstrated his deep knowledge of trading. He offers his readers a free technical analysis course. He also runs a YouTube channel, streaming and sharing his technical analysis..

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In addition, CryptoCred duplicates all technical materials in the free newsletter. Anyone looking to improve their trading skills and abilities surely makes sense to take advantage of the course that CryptoCred offers, as well as its valuable recommendations to help you improve your trading efficiency..


Notsofast is another Twitter figure who prefers to remain anonymous. It seems to some that Notsofast has been present in the crypto space since its inception. Together with him, he brought extensive knowledge about altcoins and their mining..

Notsofast itself positions itself as an economic futurist. He entered the crypto industry at the end of 2013 through Dogecoin. Mining this coin has become a low-risk way for him to get involved with cryptocurrency, as he explained in 2019..

Notsofast shares with everyone its thoughts on the topic of mining altcoins and trading altcoins and non-fungible tokens (NFT). 150 thousand readers subscribed to it.

Notsofast offers a wide range of informative content on the current situation in the crypto market. This information can be especially useful for those who are interested in cryptocurrency mining..


The next anonymous representative of the crypto community is PlanB. This person specializes in bitcoin. PlanB is known to be a Dutch investor who works as an investment manager in a team that, according to information on its website, manages billions of dollars..

A larger monthly jump to #bitcoin $ 48K would create a nice gap between monthly dots. These gaps usually mark the point of no return (red arrows), i.c. the phase transition to # phase5

Bullish Crypto News: HUGE PUMP Incoming for BTC and ETH (2021 Gains Will be Life Changing)

– PlanB (@ 100trillionUSD) January 19, 2021

As he explains himself, his nickname is a reference to an alternative plan (“plan B”) as opposed to the policy of quantitative easing. He is confident that if the world’s central banks continue to print money, it will all end in Zimbabwean-style hyperinflation..

PlanB maintains its own website where it posts industry interviews and opinions. One of his favorite topics is analyzing and predicting Bitcoin dynamics in accordance with the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model he developed. It is based on the ratio of the scarcity of bitcoins in circulation and their value.

PlanB successfully applies its general financial knowledge to the cryptocurrency market and is always ready to share important analytical data with its 217 thousand subscribers..

Josh Olshevich

Josh Olshevich is the next prominent figure in the crypto space, focusing on the latest industry news and technical analysis.

Josh has been an active participant in the cryptocurrency market for many years. He is widely known as the man who predicted that the bitcoin rate will reach $ 33,000 by July 2018. He so persistently expected the price to rise to this mark that he even put the tag “33K” in his profile on his Twitter account.

Commentators recently noted that his dream has finally come true, even though he missed the deadline..

Top 10 Influential Figures in the Bullish Crypto Market 2021

Source: CoinGecko

Josh regularly posts topical cryptocurrency news, trading recommendations and memes. About 123 thousand people have subscribed to him on Twitter, and on his YouTube channel, where he shares technical analysis – 26.5 thousand.

Perhaps the tag about 33K by July and earlier turned into a meme, but over time it turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is possible that in the future, Josh’s followers may see a new tag setting a new goal for Bitcoin like “$ 100K by December”.


Another longtime and popular Twitter inhabitant is WhalePanda. He positions himself as a “business angel” investing in crypto projects.

In a couple of years people are going to be shocked by the speed of which renewables got more efficient and how fast the infrastructure got developed and it’s mostly going to be thanks to Bitcoin.

Thanks #Bitcoin

– WhalePanda (@WhalePanda) January 19, 2021

He actively publishes on the Internet a variety of news on the topic of the cryptoindustry, covers industry events, shares opinions and funny memes..

Overall, his account offers informative and balanced content that makes sense to subscribe to. At least that’s what WhalePanda’s 246,000 Twitter followers think so..


As practice shows, funny profile avatars and “cartoon” nicknames do not mean a childish level. They may well offer the reader valuable and useful information about the crypto market. This is confirmed by the DonAlt account.


A lot of people DMing me about XRP.
Ignoring all the fundamentals, focused on the technicals

1) Current bounce is beyond pathetic, no one jumping at the opportunity to buy 80% discounted XRP
2) Below cycle low
3) Bearish market structure

Above red maybe, below? No way.

– DonAlt (@CryptoDonAlt) January 17, 2021

DonAlt is an avid crypto trader specializing in altcoins. In addition to Twitter, DonAlt, together with the previously mentioned CryptoCred, maintains a Youtube channel.

Enthusiasts-newcomers to the crypto market, who want to understand its basics, may well join the 174 thousand subscribers of DonAlt. Here they will receive valuable tips regarding digital currency trading and cryptocurrency projects..


Rounding out our list of masters of thought in the crypto space is Loomdart. He, too, is a longtime contributor to the industry and is very fond of posting memes. He himself claims that at 22 he dropped out of university, probably due to the fact that he found his new calling..

His account will allow you to always keep your finger on the pulse of everything that happens in crypto twitter.

It can be assumed that Loomdart has already earned all the money he needed, and now just out of old friendship is posting memes on Twitter for 125 thousand of its readers.

Honorable mention

We decided to give it to a big fan and connoisseur of Starbust memes, better known as Inversebrah.

It appears that its sole purpose is to tweet and retweet any posts that make fun of, shame or humiliate anyone.

His account has grown in popularity lately and now has 35,000 followers who believe Inversebrah will keep them from missing out on the industry’s best memes..

Anyone who shares a similar relaxed sense of humor might like this account..

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Top 10 Influential Figures in the Bullish Crypto Market 2021
Top 10 Influential Figures in the Bullish Crypto Market 2021
Top 10 Influential Figures in the Bullish Crypto Market 2021
Top 10 Influential Figures in the Bullish Crypto Market 2021

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