Users picked up almost 80% of the tokens distributed by Uniswap


  • Users applied for almost 80% of the UNI tokens distributed for free.

  • Now in four pools of the project’s liquidity, almost $ 1.4 billion is circulating.

  • UNI rate recovered above $ 5.

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The overwhelming success of the Uniswap token giveaway campaign gives reason to hope that the token will emerge as the use of cryptocurrencies grows. They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More UNI won’t be another one-day butterfly.

Last week, September 17, the crypto community learned that DeFi platform Uniswap launched its own UNI token and is giving it away as part of a massive airdrop campaign. To attract users, the project team decided to distribute 150 million free tokens.

On that day, participants in the DeFi segment were pleasantly surprised to find tokens that had fallen from the sky in their wallets, and the UNI rate at the moment soared to $ 8. However, many people immediately rushed to make money by selling their tokens , which led to the drawdown of UNI. However, the final results of the airdrop show that Uniswap has many loyal followers who believe in the project’s longer-term success..

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Good sign

According to data from the analytical service Dune Analytics, published a week after the airdrop, more than 190,000 addresses issued applications for their free UNI tokens. Thus, 78% of all distributed coins found shelter in users’ wallets, which is equivalent to about 117+ million UNI tokens.

Applications for the lion’s share of these coins were made immediately on September 17. Further, their figure began to steadily decline, and this may mean that over 30 million UNI tokens – or some of them – will remain lost..

One week after the @UniswapProtocol $ UNI launch:

78% of all eligible wallets have claimed – 190k wallets! Incredible engagement

New claims is now diminishing

Apple iOS 14 launched a week ago and have 17% install rate

Dashboard by @jdourlens

– Dune Analytics (@DuneAnalytics) September 24, 2020

Uniswap Token Airdrop Worth Thousands, Claim Yours Now & What Crypto Blood is Doing w/ His!

Users picked up almost 80% of the tokens distributed by Uniswap

Nevertheless, the overall results of the distribution of tokens were very optimistic. They may serve as an indication that members of the crypto community have shown a high interest in the future prospects of Uniswap..

For comparison, Dune analysts cited Apple, which launched a new iOS in the same way a week earlier, but only 17% of users installed it. However, they added to Dune, this comparison cannot be considered correct, because Apple is unlikely to distribute its products for free..

How is UNI

Experts believe that now the airdrop fever has passed and in the next couple of months the supply of tokens circulating in the network will stabilize. At the time of this writing, there were about $ 1.46 billion in UNI’s four liquidity pools. The most popular pool is now ETH / WBTC, which accounts for almost 30% of the total funds..

The UNI is currently recovering above $ 5, slowly moving away from its recent September 22nd low at $ 3.70. According to some technical forecasts, the token has a growth potential of $ 10.


UNI / USD chart. Source: TradingView

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Users picked up nearly 80% of the tokens distributed by Uniswap
Users picked up almost 80% of the tokens distributed by Uniswap
Users picked up nearly 80% of the tokens distributed by Uniswap

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Users picked up almost 80% of the tokens distributed by Uniswap

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