What cryptocurrencies undeservedly achieved success – expert opinions


  • Not all capitalization leaders deserve their place

  • Bitcoin forks are in doubt

  • Digital asset market leaders may give way to rivals

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Many cryptocurrencies, including the leaders in the capitalization rankings, have critics. The editors of BeInCrypto decided to find out which coins, according to experts, were undeservedly successful.

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One of the first to share her point of view with us Tatiana Maksimenko, official representative of the Garantex cryptocurrency exchange. In her opinion, XRP from Ripple can be distinguished among the overvalued cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the very ideas put forward by representatives of the startup, including technical solutions for interbank payments, according to the expert, show themselves well in business.. 

XRP, noted Tatiana Maksimenko, is very different from other, true decentralized projects and cryptocurrencies. 

“I don’t think XRP is a scam, as Peter Brandt said. But in my opinion, the coin does not fit into the cryptocurrency landscape. The founders of Ripple Labs are also embarrassed by the ownership of large amounts of XRP, ”the expert explained..

Information about cryptocurrency XRP. Data: CoinMarketCap

Tatiana Maksimenka also drew attention to the fact that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV), in her opinion, will not be able to compete with real bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies, the expert noted, appeared on the wave of disagreement of some members of the bitcoin community with the course that other users chose by the majority of votes.. 

“First came BCH. Then, within the community, disagreements arose, against the background of which Bitcoin SV arose, “Tatiana Maksimenko noted..

According to the expert, the coins owe much of their appearance to charismatic leaders: Roger Ver, Craig Wright and Calvin Eyre. Tatiana Maksimenko believes that the designated bitcoin forks are deliberately doomed to failure. In her opinion, they will never become the main bitcoin chain.. 

The position of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) in the top 10 of the CoinMarketCap resource capitalization rating

“History will show who will remain the real bitcoin. Such projects [BCH and BSV] do not appear from scratch, but as a result of discussions and discussions of various technological upgrades. And if on a fork you can see how this or that BIP would work, then why not, “Tatiana Maksimenko summed up.

He also shared his vision of the situation with us Cryptonization project manager, Alexander Zyl. In his opinion, it is extremely important to understand that the price is always objective. The asset rate, Alexander Zyl is sure, takes into account many factors. The top coins for today, the expert noted, are, first of all, the leaders in terms of trading volume. Such coins, according to Alexander Zyl, owe their success to the attention from users.

At the same time, classic bitcoin, in his opinion, is still the main cryptocurrency simply because it was the first. Behind BTC, according to the expert, there is a beautiful idea of ​​“new money” and the coin, of course, has a sacred meaning for the entire market. Today, Alexander Zyl noted, there are already more modern, fast and technologically advanced projects, but so far no one has approached the classic bitcoin.

Bitcoin chart. Data: CoinMarketCap

The fate of BTC forks: Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, in his opinion, is difficult to predict. These cryptocurrencies, the expert noted, have been predicting oblivion and collapse for 2 years, but so far this has not happened, and they remain among the leaders..

“If suddenly tomorrow it turns out that the classic bitcoin has insurmountable problems that are solved in its forks, then the latter can very quickly and strongly increase in price. And in the future, they may even take the place of BTC. The likelihood of such a scenario, of course, is very small, but it is also impossible to say that BCH or BSV will leave the list, ”Alexander Zyl explained his point of view.

Top 10 most capitalized cryptocurrencies. Data: CoinMarketCap

What cryptocurrencies undeservedly achieved success - expert opinions

The current top cryptocurrencies When choosing options for investing in cryptocurrency in 2021, many analysts and popular members of the crypto community recommend paying attention to assets with … More, according to the expert, 2 parts can be divided:

  1. Cryptocurrencies that are based on real technology. That is, the coins and the companies behind them that create real value. For example, Ethereum with its smart contracts or cryptocurrencies participating in supply chains, thanks to which it is possible to digitize and track the movement of goods. Such coins, according to the expert, will be able to succeed for a long time..  

“I have no doubt that gradually the entire top will be occupied by crypto-currencies, which have real value,” Alexander Zyl explained his point of view..

  1. Cryptocurrencies without their own services and which are used exclusively as a means of payment. 

Such coins, the expert noted, are now in the top and occupy quite high positions.. 

“In my opinion, the main reason for this is marketing and artificial excitement,” said Alexander Zyl.

According to the expert, in the very near future, there will be more coin-products in the first places, and not forks..

We will remind that earlier the BeInCrypto editorial staff figured out whose forecasts of the digital asset rate movement should not be trusted.

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What cryptocurrencies undeservedly achieved success - expert opinions
What cryptocurrencies undeservedly achieved success - expert opinions
What cryptocurrencies undeservedly achieved success - expert opinions
What cryptocurrencies undeservedly achieved success - expert opinions

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