Where in Russia they teach blockchain – what educational institutions offer


  • Many offers are available to Russian applicants

  • Training can take place both full-time and online

  • Other countries are also trying to keep up

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In August 2020, researchers at Xangle Research came to the conclusion that Russia occupies one of the leading positions in the digital asset market. Russia is in second place in terms of the share of bitcoin hashrate (BTC). At the same time, the citizens of the country are interested in crypto trading and the development of blockchain technologies.. 

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From January 1, 2020, cryptocurrencies in Russia will acquire legal status. Against the background of regulation of the digital asset market in the country, business needs are changing. Companies are showing interest in blockchain technologies and new financial assets and, accordingly, the demand for specialized specialists is growing. In response to market demands, educational institutions in the Russian Federation began to offer new training programs. BeInCrypto editors decided to find out where in Russia they teach blockchain.

Educational institutions of the Russian Federation on the blockchain map

The names of the professions that students can master in Russian educational institutions vary: from blockchain engineers to blockchain developers. It is noteworthy that you can find interesting programs and special training courses not only in the capital, but also in small towns..

For example, in Moscow you can study the blockchain at the Dubna State University. Full-time training on the profile “Information Technologies in Digital Economy Management”, with a bachelor’s degree, will take 4 years.

You can get education in the capital in a similar specialty, but in a different direction, at the MIET National Research University at the Department of Law. The program combined technical and legal disciplines. During their studies, students are introduced to blockchain, smart contracts, crowdfunding, as well as other related areas and technologies that are related to the digital economy. It is noteworthy that at the exit, the students receive the profession of a lawyer.

IN Novosibirsk you can study blockchain at the Novosibirsk State Technical University by entering the Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering. There are budget places. Full-time form of education. A similar course is available in distance learning format. The cost, according to open sources, is about 30% lower than in Moscow. 

Applicants from Vladivostok can get specialized education at the Far Eastern Federal University. The program includes the study of blockchain and a number of other new technologies. Including students are introduced to big data and neural networks.

IN northern capital you can pay attention to the Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics of the St. Petersburg State University of Economics. Teachers promise professional training that, upon graduation, will enable graduates to work with blockchain and other related technologies. At the same time, the course also implies an emphasis on studying the features of the digital economy. You can take similar training at the University of the IPA EurAsEC and a number of other educational institutions..

Specialists in the field of blockchain technologies are also trained in Samara and Belgorod (at Samara University and NRU “BelGU”). Students are invited to study all aspects of the digital economy, including cryptocurrencies and modern payment systems. Graduates of educational institutions can obtain a bachelor’s degree (including academic).

IN Perm You can get an education in this area at the Perm National Research Polytechnic University with a degree in digital technologies in finance. As part of the program, teachers train specialists who are able to ensure the safety of the use of new technologies in the field of finance.

Where in Russia they teach blockchain - what educational institutions offer

How are things going abroad?

Russia is not the only country whose educational institutions train specialized specialists. Many universities around the world are engaged in the release of new personnel. For example, you can learn blockchain programming at Cornell University in the USA, which is part of the Ivy League. Similar courses are available in one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other American universities.

Other countries are keeping up with America. For example, in Australia, you can get specialized knowledge at the Royal Institute of Technology in Melbourne. In the UK, specialists are trained at the University of Edinburgh and other educational institutions.

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To the conclusions

Educational institutions around the world are engaged in training personnel for the digital technology market. However, many courses cover additional topics, including the legal component. To other conclusions:

  • Distance learning options can be found in Russia.
  • Most options involve a full-time study format.
  • Courses can be found in different cities.

While specialized specialists are being trained in the country, Russia got the opportunity to take a leading position in the cryptocurrency mining market.


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Where in Russia they teach blockchain - what educational institutions offer
Where in Russia they teach blockchain - what educational institutions offer

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Where in Russia they teach blockchain - what educational institutions offer

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