Who needs strange operations with BTC and why


  • Small commission of $ 0.50 for transferring 49342 BTC ($ 361 million).

  • Bitcoins continue to circulate through many wallets without explanation

  •  Perhaps someone is covering their tracks?

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Recently, a transfer was made in the amount of 49342 BTC ($ 361 million) for only $ 0.50. At the same time, some users have noticed that recently the same amount of BTC has been transferred through different wallets several times..

A transaction worth hundreds of millions of dollars has just been processed on the bitcoin blockchain. However, the reasons for this translation are not clear. It looks like BTC goes through many different wallets almost immediately after receiving them.

Who and why

The Whale Alert service (@whale_alert) announces another large BTC transfer: 49342 BTC – approximately $ 361 million – was transferred for only $ 0.50.

49,342 #BTC (361,016,972 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet

Tx: https://t.co/augQ5AawN4

– Whale Alert (@whale_alert) April 9, 2020

A small commission is another strong argument in favor of Bitcoin. Such a transaction would be much more expensive if done using a traditional bank transfer..

However, the transfer itself is suspicious due to the strange activity associated with these wallets. The sender made only 2 transactions: receiving and then sending BTC. Likewise, the recipient address of the transaction as reported by Whale Alert also quickly sent BTCs after receiving them. The point is that someone is moving BTC through different wallets, although it is not clear why.

Bitcoin For Beginners (2020)

Who needs strange operations with BTC and why

I’ve seen at least 6 of these transactions in like 48 hours. All for around the same amount, about 49,599 # btc / $ 360B odd is US fiat…. who the fuck is transferring these hectic amounts of #btc???

How Does Bitcoin Work?

– WaHoo (@MrNorseman) April 9, 2020

Strange operations

Such strange transactions have happened before. For example, in December, 56,000 BTC were moved through many different unknown wallets, and this was repeated several times. As in this case, coins jumped from one wallet to another almost immediately after receiving them. At first glance, it might seem that someone is trying to hide their BTC holdings.

Small fees for large transactions are common on the bitcoin network. Moving large amounts of BTC through wallets, however, could be an ominous omen.

This did not affect the value of bitcoin, and it currently holds above $ 7,300. During the day, Bitcoin added 0.51%, generally stabilizing after yesterday’s growth.


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Who needs strange operations with BTC and why
Who needs strange operations with BTC and why
Who needs strange operations with BTC and why