Will Bitcoin be able to push off the $ 30,000 area


  • Bitcoin support and resistance are located at $ 29,000 and $ 33,700, respectively

  • Daily technical indicators are giving bearish signals

  • BTC is likely in the final diagonal triangle pattern

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Bitcoin (BTC) launched a rally on January 25, but bounced off the $ 33,700 resistance area and began to decline.

Despite a significant drawdown, Bitcoin may find short-term support and make a new attempt to strengthen and storm the aforementioned resistance.

Price bounce

Yesterday bitcoin (BTC) began to rally, reaching a high of $ 34,871. This led to a bullish breakout of the $ 33,700 resistance area, which the price had previously broken southward..

However, in the future, the BTC rate fell again, forming a very long upper wick. This is a sign of strong selling pressure. As a result, the $ 33,700 area has established itself as a resistance, and now the BTC rate is trading under it..

Until the price manages to gain a foothold above this level, the trend will be considered bearish. Bearish technical indicators also support this..

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If BTC drops again, the immediate support will meet the pair in the $ 29,000 area and further by $ 26,000 (Fibo levels of 0.5 and 0.618 retracements).

MTC schedule. Source: TradingView

Parallel channel

On the 6-hour chart, Bitcoin is likely trading within a parallel channel. Often, these channels reflect corrective price action, and a rebound from the channel’s median line confirms the bearish tone of the daily chart..

MTC schedule. Source: TradingView

On the 2-hour timeframe, BTC has reached an important support area between the 0.5 and 0.618 Fib levels. These supports could trigger a reversal, at least in the short term.

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Despite this, technical indicators do not yet confirm the likelihood of upcoming growth..

MTC schedule. Source: TradingView

Wave analysis

The results of the wave analysis suggest that Bitcoin is in wave B of the A-B-C pattern, which began with the formation of an all-time high at $ 41,950 on January 8. Since then, the price has remained within a long-term corrective structure.

Perhaps the BTC rate is in the final stage of wave B. Its preliminary target is the $ 38,000 level, which coincides with the resistance line of the parallel channel.

After that, BTC may begin to decline towards the aforementioned $ 26,000 support area.

Will Bitcoin be able to push off the $ 30,000 area

Schedule MTC. Source: TradingView

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Sub-wave analysis shows that wave B is represented by the A-B-C structure (black on the chart), and now the price is in sub-wave C.

If the high of the sub-wave C reaches $ 38,000, it will form a running flat correction, after which a significant price decline is likely..

MTC schedule. Source: TradingView

Finally, wave C resembles the ending diagonal pattern, since the first impulse move (marked as 1 on the chart) is represented by a three-wave structure instead of a five-wave.


Accordingly, although the exact shape of the wedge has not yet been determined, we believe that Bitcoin will trade within a rising wedge and then make a bearish breakout..

MTC schedule. Source: TradingView


Thus, the bitcoin rate is expected to gradually rise to $ 38,000, but then begin to fall. Despite the likelihood of growth in the short term, the long-term trend is likely to remain bearish.

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Will Bitcoin be able to push off the $ 30,000 area
Will Bitcoin be able to push off the $ 30,000 area
Will Bitcoin be able to push off from the $ 30,000 area

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