Yoo bro: who needs the biggest Twitter hack


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International consortium of news organizations developing transparency standards.

A fresh mass hack has died down: unknown persons hacked 130 accounts of celebrities from the world of high technology and politics, and then begged for more than 100K dollars in bitcoin equivalent.

A crime that deserves close attention, and not only because the data of the most famous people in the IT world are under attack. Perhaps we have witnessed a new 11 September. Why? Here’s a version from CryptoDiplomat.

Part 1: bare facts

In short: on July 15 at 4:27 pm Eastern Time, an epochal message was posted on Elon Musk’s account that Elon would personally double any amount in the crypt, transferred to the accompanying address of the crypto wallet (10 minutes before that, a similar one was removed from the account, but less emotional message):


Then the message was copy-pasted to another 129 accounts of famous people and companies (from Obama and Biden to Uber and Apple). Bucha was raised 2 hours later, when the Twitter security service blocked any opportunity to write posts in hacked accounts and deleted messages (in parallel, blocking any messages from other profiles that even remotely resemble a tweet hack). Operational work, you can’t say anything: the attackers managed to collect $ 118,000 from those wishing to quickly enrich themselves at the BTC rate at that time in 120 minutes and leave the building. All transactions were made to one wallet. After that, the investigation began and the facts gave way to theories and ambiguous versions that we all love so much..

Part 2: Consequences

In fact, we have before us the terrorist attack of the WTC in the world of social networks: according to the latest published data, several teenagers agreed on Discord to hack certain simple Twitter addresses (yes, the “Black Mirror” has already come into the real world and for this you do not need to climb into the granaries of the inflamed post -the truth of the imagination). Then they bribed one of the Twitter employees to access account data..

This is not “Russian hackers did it”, not Anonymous, but a group of teenagers. Installed profiles of four people, not older than 20 years, some still live with their parents. Discord users with nicknames Kirk, lol and ever so anxious negotiated cooperation the night before the hack, hacking short accounts of the first users on the social network, and then selling information in “narrow” circles.

And, attention, all the fun began when Kirk got access to Twitter Slack (this opinion is referred to by the New York Times, who interviewed a hacker named Joseph O’Connor, who was also a client of Neo beginners, but of course, he did not involved). 

During the day, Kirk earned more than 180 thousand dollars from the sale of information and stopped responding to accomplices in Discord.

They took over the internal user’s tools and quietly logged into 45 accounts, changing passwords. But it is already known for certain that an employee of the company helped them. The hackers themselves gave the journalists screenshots with a step-by-step storyboard of the hacking process. 

About what happened after all, the Twitter administration announced only 3 days later. It was also reported that all data of at least 8 accounts belong to hackers.

What’s next for Twitter?

  1. A wave of user indignation. Despite the fact that the trouble did not touch any of the ordinary members of the social network, no one can feel safe. Offensive comments and mass exodus (albeit temporary) of users from social networks, which entails a significant reduction in traffic.
  2. A bunch of checks by the European Commission and bureaucratic red tape. Twitter was unable to fend off a planned attack and provide user data with an appropriate level of security. Penalties and investment outflow guaranteed.
  3. A drop in the level of partner confidence and a decrease in the company’s stock quotes on stock exchanges. Experts are trumpeting about it now..
  1. Broken windows effect. You can easily download step-by-step instructions on how to hack Twitter online. Of course, the loophole will be closed, but others will surely fly after the first stone. 

The actual hacking was followed by fake news: the media also talked about the fact that the attackers, among other things, hacked into the account of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli Embassy in the United States has already denied this information, but the screenshots are still circulating on the network. It is possible that the coming weeks will be marked by a second wave of copycat criminals and a wave of falsified data from the tabloids..

Part 3: Resonance

Let’s look at the shortlist of hacked accounts:

1.Changpeng Zhao

  1. Joe biden
  2. Elon Musk
  3. Kanye west
  4. Jeff bezos
  5. Yoo bro: who needs the biggest Twitter hack
  6. Uber
  7. Apple
  8. Coinbase
  9. Justin sun
  10. Charlie lee


Most of the hacked profiles are in the cryptocurrency sphere in one way or another. By the way, Justin Sun has appointed a $ 1 million reward for catching hackers or any useful information about them. Once again showing itself to be the king of hype: not so long ago, the TRON Foundation received several million dollars in aid from the American government, which greatly angered many representatives of the crypto community. Justin can hardly be called a “businessman with financial problems,” and many startups that really need help are out of work.

Changpeng Zhao also decided to advertise on someone else’s and his own grief, joking that he was hacked before many others, which speaks of his importance to the business world. After he called the hack an excellent advertisement for the cryptocurrency, which led to a wave of indignation and accusations of self-promotion on other people’s problems.

Most of the hacked verified users all this time are trying to sew a hole in their reputation by promptly writing explanatory tweets. But the activity of some victims is due either to their ingenious business sense (which is not excluded, since both San and Chao are manipulators of public opinion with vast experience), or knowledge of something that the rest of the world does not know. And what could it be?

Firstly, since the leaking of information about the Twitter hack, interest in Bitcoin among requests to Google has grown quite noticeably..

Secondly, if there was interesting “fried” information on Biden’s twitter, then it can be used, as it was used against Hillary Clinton in the last election. Musk’s Twitter can also become a source of leaked information, but everything seems to be very vague there, as in Da Vinci’s diaries (knowing the Mask, this can be said almost for sure). 

Third, the Twitter hack is taking place at the same time as the consideration of the ban on the Chinese network Tik Tok, as well as the beginning of the election race for the presidency of the United States. At the same time, both Joe Biden and Kanye West (along with his wife, by the way) were included in the list of victims. You may also notice that the list of hacked accounts does not include the profile of the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. And he, given the past accusations of falsifying election data with the help of hired “Russian hackers”, has every chance of dropping out of the election race precisely because of this hack.

What we have:

  • Modern cybersecurity services clicked their beak for 2 hours.
  • A group of schoolchildren hacked a social network and its two-step verification.
  • The company and the hacked individuals will incur serious reputational losses in the amount of more than 118 (or 180) thousand dollars.
  • The organizer, with the help of young accomplices, hacked the network and disappeared. His identity has not been established.

Teen allegedly behind large Twitter hack eliciting Bitcoin facing 30 felony charges

If we consider the situation from the point of view of conspiracies and secret manipulations (and sometimes it is), then there is an absolutely implausible version of the motivation of young criminals and completely disproportionate future losses of companies with losses of private users. In fact, July 15 may become a new milestone in the history of cryptocurrencies, social networks and the Internet in general: with the proper ability to use events to their advantage, market players can bring social networks into chaos and anarchy of hysteria due to the security of personal information. Under certain circumstances, we can wake up tomorrow in a completely different world with new leaders of the IT industry with a new attitude to social networks..

The consequences for individual individuals who came under fire from novice burglars can only be seen after a few months. And it is possible that this will happen during the election campaign for the post of head of the White House. Just like the public opinion about crypto, hackers and this whole story. But now we can conclude that we have not yet known such a cultural hacking.

What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments.

P.S. Brock Pierce’s account has not been hacked … The END?

Yoo bro – the greeting that started the hacker chat on Discord

The author of the article is the founder of the boutique consulting agency CryptoDiplomat.ch Georgy Paliani.

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Yoo bro: who needs the biggest Twitter hack
Yoo bro: who needs the biggest Twitter hack
Yoo bro: who needs the biggest Twitter hack

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